Buy “HID-Warehouse HID Xenon Replacement Bulbs – H4 / 9003 4300K – Bright Daylight (1 Pair) – 2 Year Warranty Automotive” Online

HID-Warehouse HID Xenon Replacement Bulbs - H4 / 9003 4300K - Bright Daylight (1 Pair) - 2 Year Warranty

I had a bulb burn out from the cheapo HID kit I put on my car a couple years ago so it was time for a new set. I figured it would be best to replace both at the same time so the color temp and brightness levels would be the same. These bulbs came well packaged and protected in a clear screw cap. I used a few alcohol pads and made sure the bulbs were completely clean before installing them. (Any oils on the glass will cause hot spots and prematurely burn out the bulbs. ) They fired up first try on the passenger side and they lit just fine on the drivers after I reversed the polarity of the wires. I’ve been running them about a week and they have been doing great. My only issue is I ordered 5000k which is usually bright white with maybe a hint of blue – these are white with a pinkish tint. My wife loves it (and the pink) but I’m not as thrilled. Check it out!

HID Warehouse® HID Replacement Bulbs (1 Pair) HID Warehouse® HID Replacement bulbs comes with everything you need to replace your damage HID Bulbs. HID Warehouse® HID Replacement Bulbs will provide you with the brightest visibility and safety for the road. Every bulb is fully Plug-and-Play, allowing a quick and easy installation. Compatible with both 35W/55W and DC/AC HID Ballast HID Warehouse® Quality and Difference HID Warehouse® provides customers with the most reliable, durable, and safest HID on the market using the latest technology. We are so sure about our HID products; we provide 2 year no hassle warranties on all our products. We offer instant tech support via phone or email to provide the support you need to get your lights working immediately. HID Bulbs Available Colors 3000K: Emits a bright yellow output 4300K: Emits a bright daylight output 5000K: Emits a bright white output 6000K: Emits a light blue output 8000K: Emits a medium blue output 10000K: Emits a dark blue output 12000K: Emits a deep purple output 15000K: Emits a deep pink output 30000K: Emits a deep blue output HID Warehouse® Replacement Bulbs includes (2) HID Warehouse® 35W/55W HID Xenon Bulbs (2) Plug and Play Wiring Harness

HID-Warehouse HID Xenon Replacement Bulbs – H4 / 9003 4300K – Bright Daylight (1 Pair) – 2 Year Warranty Review

Best HID bulbs I ever purchased on Amazon. The light output is great! The bulb has some quality built into it, and you can tell by the thickness at the base of the bulb where the connections are located. All my replacements will be purchased from here from now on! CUSTOMER FOR LIFE! THANKS! -Read Reviews-

HID-Warehouse&reg HID Replacement Bulbs are compatible with 35W & 55W Ballast. Compatible with most aftermarket HID Kits (Please check bulb connectors to ensure they are the same)

HID Replacement bulbs require HID Ballast to work. HID bulbs will not operate without a ballast. Compatible with both DC and AC HID Ballast

100% Plug and Play Installation. No Modification Required. 3X Brighter than Halogen Bulbs. Lasts 5X Longer. 35% Less Power Consumption

HID-Warehouse&reg Bulbs includes: (2) HID Xenon Replacement Bulbs (2) Plug and Play Wiring Harness

2 Year Hassle Free Warranty – Live Tech Support via Phone & E-Mail

Bought these same bulbs in May of last year. One bulb kept going on and off so I thiught it was bad and bought another set despite the warranty of two years. Installed these and had the same problem. Did not replace the harness like last time, just the bulbs. Before crying foul I decided to replace the harness and therein lay the problem. Re-installed the bulb I had thought bad and it worked just fine. The harnesses provided are not of the best quality so if you buy these it would be a good idea to use the harness that comes with them and replace the old one. As for the bulbs themselves? Decent quality at an good price. Color seems to vary slightly from set to set but when installed as a pair they seem to match well. I would recommend these if you are in need of one but remember to install as a pair.

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