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Hercules 3D Prophet II MX

At first I was a bit concerned when I purchased this card. I usually research a product extensively before I buy. But seeing that true GeForce 2 technology was being offered at a very reasonable price I decided to take a chance. .. I’m very glad I did. I’m running on a machine that was cutting edge nearly two years ago. Investing in one of the budget busting GeForce 2 GTS cards seemed like a waste without a newer faster CPU. Buying a new high-end 3D card AND a new computer seemed excessive just to play some of the new, high-requirement 3D games. While definately a no-frills card; the included games are only playable demos and there is no TV out. The card was easy to install and has a very competent and easy to use control panel. For those who like to push their machine a bit harder there is software controlled over-clocking for both the card’s main Graphics Processing Unit and on-board memory. Direct3D and OpenGL are both supported. This for less than half the price of it’s highend big brothers. I’ve been impressed when playing such 3D intensive games as Homeworld:Cataclysm running at 1000×700 resolution with *all* 3D effects on. If you’re a *hardcore* gamer with the fastest CPU on the block and the deep pockets to keep your investment constantly current enjoy the GeForce 2 GTS cards. For the rest of us the Prophet II MX is a great choice. Check it out!

Product description HERCULES 3D PROPHET II MX AGP VIDEO CARD The 3D Prophet II MX, powered by nVidia’s GeForce2 MX, offers breakthrough graphics and breathtaking speed. The four-engine architecture provides cinematic realism in the most complex 3-D scenes without compromising performance. Speeds of 700 megatexels and 350 megapixels per second deliver staggering frame rates and full-scene antialiasing. It includes advanced supports for OpenGL and DirectX 7.




Hercules 3D Prophet II MX Review


Maybe it just deals with my computer, but I have had numerous problems with this card before I finally returned it to the store. This card delivers excellent graphics for only 150 dollars. The detail level in Unreal Tournament is. ..unreal; you can even see the serial number on the Flak cannon. This is an excellent card if you can get it to work properly. While my games run smoothly and fine on this card, my games ALWAYS locked up after only 5 minutes of gameplay. I went to Hercules’ website and tried their suggestions, which did not work either. I sent an email to their technical support line, and they just ignored it, as usual. I finally called their technical support line, and they were not very helpful either. I can’t remember what they said, but after talking to them, I decided to take the card back to the store and get a better one. Bottom line, if you can deal with hours and hours of frustration required to get this card to work properly, then by all means get this card. On the other hand, if your like me and don’t have time for crap or crappy customer service, then stay away from this one. -Read Reviews-

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256-bit 3-D processor

700 megatexels and 350 megapixels per second

GeForce2 MX 4-engine architecture

2 dual-texturing rendering engines

Full 32-bit true color SVGA display

When a friend of mine asked me to help him install thisgraphics card on his computer and found out [what he paid for it] I thought. ..ok why not. …but then when we played a quick game of Quake 3, and Unreal Tournament, I was amazed by the speed and quality of the crisp graphics. I was really impressed to find out it was GeForce 2 technology, especially for the price. I immediately went out after that and bought this card and am so glad that I did. I had no problems installing this card on my Pentium 3, 450 MHZ computer w/ Windows ME. I had no problems installing the drivers and would recommend to anyone who buys this card to go to the Hercules website and download the newer drivers. Unreal Tournament, and Quake 3 both look great on this card. The resolutions even looked great at 1000×700 resolution with all of the 3D effects on. While it doesn’t have TV out or even a bundle of games with it this card supports Direct 3D and Open GL If you have a computer that is over a year old and are looking to upgrade graphics card this is the one for you. If you’re on a budget and want to upgrade your graphics card this card is also for you.

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