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Hendrix [VHS]

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Most television movies about real-life rock & roll heroes are a deadening mix of biographical bullet-points and sensational recreations of outré behavior. Rarely does the essence of a pop artist, great or otherwise, come into focus within the spuriously tragic atmosphere of the kind of TV bio-pic that has made fools of the likes of the Beach Boys and John Lennon. Happily, that’s not the case with Leon Ichaso’s Hendrix, a remarkably sensitive film, originally broadcast on cable, that refuses to exploit guitar legend Jimi Hendrix’s mythic appetites nor reduce his prodigious genius to bite-size drama. It is, instead, a portrait of the artist as a field of incongruous energy, sprawling everywhere and nowhere at once, remote from his roots and pained by the disruptive, implacable force of his awesome talent. Wood Harris (Remember the Titans) is wonderful as Hendrix, masterfully capturing the rock god’s legendary shyness, unabashed sexual adventurism, and constant redefinition of his purpose and sound. Keeping him on a short tether is Hendrix’s management team, which insists he keep up a grueling schedule for the money and throws obstacles onto the path of his creative freedom. Cuban director Ichaso (Sugar Hill) makes clever use out of a fictional, black-and-white interview Hendrix supposedly gave a journalist on the day he died. In it he talks about everything that comes to mind: playing guitar for African American singers on the old rhythm & blues circuit, the thrill of his triumphs during the London blues scene in 1967, and his efforts to mollify advocates of black militarism without becoming involved in it. Terrific support work by Billy Zane as Hendrix’s would-be puppeteer, Christian Potenza as former Animals bassist- turned-rock-manager Chas Chandler, and Dorian Harewood as Al Hendrix. –Tom Keogh




Hendrix [VHS] Review


a lot of people put this movie down. i’m here to tell you that i saw it about a month ago & i dont know much about hendrix, but this movie made me so curious about him that i’ve purchased 3 books, and 2 dvd’s just to learn more. he was so unique–in one book someone called him a beautiful butterfly that people tried to cage. he was bad to the bone and yet so vulnerable. he went thru hell never seeming to find the serenity he needed. anyhow i gave this movie 5 stars cuz i’ve been buying jimi hendrix material ever since i saw it, and will buy more. he was amazing!! FAST IS NOW 5/08, and i looked at this movie again after watching berkely, monterey, isle of wight, etc. and after viewing so much of the real thing, i can now see where they went wrong with the movie. for instance, the wording was all backwards when Harris tried to say what Hendrix really said “I can say thank you, thank you, thank you,” before he performed wild thing. nevertheless, Harris really tried after all Hendrix was so unique & beautiful. I can imagine that it was difficult trying to play him. And this is the movie that made me so curious about the real man that I now have books and dvds all about his life. and i’m glad to know that Hendrix may have been vulnerable, but he was still a man and put ppl in their place when he needed to. his only fault was signin those contracts, but he wanted to get that outta the way so he could play his music. thats all he wanted. -Read Reviews-

I chose that rating cause I truly feel that they could’ve done a better job showing hendrix’s visionas an artist of that era. They never delved into his personal feelings about his own music and they also never mentioned how he felt trapped between his Contracts with ppx industries all of his legal problems with his record companies. And the music that wasn’t hendrix was terrible.

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