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Heir of Fire (Throne of Glass) Paperback – September 1, 2015 by Sarah J. Maas (Author)

OH MY GOD. THIS BOOK. JESUS. I absolutely LOVED this book. Like, it has everything. The action, the attraction, the intensity, the suspense. EVERYTHING. I can’t begin to describe how exciting this book was. I’ll admit, it started a bit slow, but it picked up right where it had to. Celaena is now in Wendlyn. She’s in this crappy place in life where she couldn’t care less if she lived or died. Her best friend was killed and the person who she believed loved her is practically afraid of her. The only thing keeping her alive is the promise she made to Nehemia. She would free her people and destroy the king’s empire. So now she’s trying to win her way to Doranelle so she can get the answers she needs to solve the mystery behind the king and the Wyrdkeys. There’s only one person who could answer these questions, but she will do it only when and if Celaena manages to control her magic. So, she’s stuck with this ruthless soldier, Rowan, who’s nothing but mean and cruel and he’s supposed to teach her. Now, accepting something she’s been hiding and running from her entire life isn’t easy. To embrace her power, she must accept her past and be proud of it. They say after you’ve hit rock bottom, there’s nothing else but to get yourself back up. Will Celaena be able to do it though? There’s no one on her side. There’s no one that will fight with her and for her. Can she do this all by herself?She was the heir of ash and fire, and she would bow to no one. So far, this is my favorite book. I wasn’t expecting to love new characters and hate older ones. There are a few things new to the story that I actually found a bit boring (like the witches), but it was mostly because I was so curious and intrigued with the rest of the story and what the characters were going through. So, if I had to say something that I didn’t like from this book was that, Manon’s side of the story. But overall, Sarah’s writing is just FLAWLESS there are so many details to the story, so many twists and questions and answers. It feels like everything is perfectly entwined, and I know for sure there’s a reason for everything she includes in the story. New friendships and allegiances are now forming and they couldn’t be more perfect, especially since Celaena is currently in this weak state of mind and she needs someone to trust and someone she can rely on to be there, to whatever end; someone that sees her for what she is, what she can accomplish and is not afraid to tell her the s*** she needs to hear to get back up on her feet. But even though she starts this journey thinking very low of herself, she manages to get up and fight. She embraces her true nature, conquers it and is able to fight off her demons. She can be really frustrating sometimes, but you can’t deny Celaena is a kickass warrior. Then there’s Dorian. My sweet, sweet Dorian. I knew I loved you for a reason. He’s no prince, he is a king, in mind, heart and soul. I love everything that he represents, his certainty when it comes to do what’s right, and trusting in people and being loyal to those who deserve it. I love how much he cares for Celaena, even after everything. He trusts she’ll come back for him. He’s a fighter, even though he doesn’t believe himself to be one. He’s strong and I love the way he cares. He is brave and just down right perfect. You cannot pick and choose what parts of her to love. And then we have Rowan. Jesus Christ. He was such a beautiful and unpredictable surprise. I was not expecting him being this rude and arrogant and so DAMN AMAZING. The friendship and loyalty he ends up giving to Aelin. Wow. To him, she is Aelin, rightful Queen of Terrasen. To him, she is a fighter, a warrior, a fire-heart. To him, she is exactly what the world needs. I love, love, love, love Rowan. I claim you, Aelin. To whatever end. I swear, this book was just incredible, from page one. After I finished it I couldn’t wait another second so I one-clicked the 4th book, because I needed to know. So, here I am, reading Queen Of Shadows! Hopefully it won’t take me that long to share my thoughts on that book. Seriously guys, you NEED to read this series. It’s everything you’ll want in a story and MORE. Promise. Definitely a must read. Check it out!

From School Library Journal Gr 10 Up—In the third book of the series, Celaena knows she cannot kill the king and crown prince of Wendlyn, the task given to her by the King of Adarlan, and she knows that the price will be the lives of those she loves. Her only hope is to find Maeve, queen of the Fae, and find out how to undo the power of Adarlan’s king. Forced by Maeve to prove her worth, Celaena must train with Rowan, a Fae prince, and learn to harness her magical powers if she has any hope of saving the world. Love, loss, and loyalty collide and Maas has created a believable world and flawed characters; the combination will leave listeners eager for more. Elizabeth Evans conveys Celaena’s temperament and mood perfectly and gives life to Maas’s large cast of characters. Fans of the past books in the series will not be disappointed with this installment and teen fans of George R.R. Martin’s “Song of Ice and Fire” and Robert Jordan’s “Wheel of Time” series will be captivated as well. VERDICT The latest entry in this engaging series is highly recommended.—Sarah Flood, Breckinridge County Public Library, Hardinsburg, KY –This text refers to the Audio CD edition.

Heir of Fire (Throne of Glass) Paperback – September 1, 2015 by Sarah J. Maas (Author) Review

h my god!!! This book was breathtaking . . . a whirlwind of adventure! I’m not one to cry during a movie or book, but this one gripped me so tightly, I feared I might. By the end, I was holding my breath and having to remind myself relax the muscles in my shoulders and just breathe. The worldbuilding, the characters, everything was done so masterfully, so perfectly, it gives me chills just thinking about it. And the ending–unbelievable! Did NOT see that coming!! I’ve already started the next book. This series has gripped so strongly that I do not want to let go. Sarah, you masterful devil, you’ve done it again! The first book became an instant favorite and each book has surpassed the last! This is by far the best series I’ve ever read. This book is a must read for anyone who likes fantasy, action, and a kickass heroine!! Like a drop everything now kind of series and push to the top of your TBR list cuz damn what a ride!! It’ll leave you breathless and begging for more!!!And rumor has it a TV series?? I think my heart just stopped! -Read Reviews-

The writing is awesome (among the best I’ve seen) and the storytelling is wonderful. I love the complex characters and the twists and challenges they fight through. The evolution of the characters is brilliant. I savored every sentence of the 593 pages. Rated PG. The story is about an assassin and people are killed. Blood and gore is kept to a minimum though. There is inconsequential swearing/cursing. Does saying "No sex" need a spoiler alert?Series Note: Amazon describes this as Book 3 of 5 (in a 5 Book series). It’s not. There are six books planned and word is that the final installment isn’t coming out until May 2018. I wish I had noticed this before I started the series because the story is so long, so complex with so many things going on I will not remember most of it by the time the sixth book comes out. ARRRGGGHHHHHHHHHHH***Spoiler Alert*** And if that wasnt frustrating enough, Book 5 ends in an infuriating cliffhanger {Redacted}. So, I recommend waiting for the final installment coming out before you dig in to the series. Note that there is a prequel of novellas and a tangent story. That makes a total of seven books. The Book you need to wait for is the eighth book, even though the publisher is calling it Throne of Glass Book #6.

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