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Harry Potter and the Golden Snitch Glow Puzzle

This beautiful puzzle came in great condition- it was already opened, but who cares- I knew it was a used item, and i would have opened it anyway. The pieces were all included and the image they form when connected is so beautiful. This puzzle took 45 minutes for me and a few friends to complete, so it is definitely challenging enough to entertain you for a while! Check it out!





Harry Potter and the Golden Snitch Glow Puzzle Review


It’s a puzzle, pretty much like any other you’ve done. Pieces are about an inch or so in diameter and I would guess that there are about 300 of them (I don’t have the box with me). I did it with my seven-year-old, who did quite well putting the pieces together. There are areas of distinctive color that make them easy enough to group so that a relatively young person can make sufficient progress to avoid frustration. Children under ten, however, will almost surely need a little parental help to keep them on track. My daughter did a terrific job when she was working with me, but did not do much on her own. The picture will capture the imagination of Harry Potter fans, and the glow-in-the-dark feature is fun too (although don’t expect too much from it). All in all, a good buy. -Read Reviews-

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I think that this toy would be great for all the harry potter fans and I think that its at a great price. I would just like to say that harry potter rocks and that i would recommend it to any one who hasent had time yet to read the book. By the way i cant wait to see the harry potter movies. from danielle

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