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Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, Parts 1 & 2, Special Rehearsal Edition Script Hardcover – July 31, 2016 by J.K. Rowling (Author)

Let me start by saying this, I love harry potter. I read the books 2-3 times per year since I was a child. I’ve grown up with these books. These books are a part of me, I’ve named my children after characters in these books. I have 3 tattoos, all of which are harry potter. I’m a dedicated fan, entirely obsessed to be candid. I have waited for this book like the rest of you. I can handle the fact that it’s written as a play, I was expecting this. I was fully prepared to accept this. I waited all night for this to be released to my kindle (it’s 3 a. m and I’ve just finished). I sped through the cursed child and my final thought was, this was disappointing . I’m skeptical of how much jk rowling actually contributed to this. I get more of a harry potter vibe from the fantastic beasts trailer than this entire book. The plot was bad, almost everything was bad. It was like a poorly written fanfic. It sucks that I’m saying this because harry potter is a part of soul. I went into this thinking it was everything I’d ever hoped for. I’m not saying don’t buy the book, by all means buy it. Read it. See for yourself. I’m not being cynical, rowling is the queen of my world. This is the first and likely only bad review I will give regarding her. Just be warned, this does not feel like harry potter. This was not intricate, well excuted, thought out, or clever. The characters were not true to themselves. I think the best way to go into reading this and saving yourself from despair is to read it as a fanfic and not the true works of rowling. It would be tolerable had her name not been involved, I expected so much more. And now I will try to purge this book from my memory and continue to live in her past works of art. I still have big hopes for fantastic beasts and that’s enough for now. Check it out!

From School Library Journal Playwright Thorne and director Tiffany (who previously collaborated on Hope and Let the Right One In) worked with J.K. Rowling to extend the “Harry Potter” universe with an eighth “installment” in the form of the script from the new West End production. The book starts where the last chapter of Deathly Hallows left off—19 years after the main events of the series—with Harry, Ginny, Ron, and Hermione all saying goodbye to their children as they leave for Hogwarts. As Albus, Harry and Ginny’s youngest son, attends Hogwarts, he is plagued by the Potter legacy—something he never wanted—and, as he’s sorted into Slytherin, is terrible at Quidditch, and constantly compared to his famous father, he becomes reclusive and angsty. His sole friend is Scorpius Malfoy, the only son of Draco Malfoy—prompting further separation from his father. When Albus hatches a plot to go back in time to save the life of Cedric Diggory—what Albus views as the biggest mistake his father made—time becomes distorted and Harry is left to examine his own life, his relationship with his son, and how love can sometimes be much more complicated than it seems. This is an interesting extension of the “Harry Potter” universe, but readers should go into it knowing that it’s its own beast. Rowling didn’t write it (much to the fury and vitriol of many fans), and it is in script form, so it loses some of the magic that won over millions of readers back when it all began. However, many of the themes that made the original series great are still in abundance—love and friendship conquering all, facing your flaws and accepting them—so that it simultaneously still feels like a “Harry Potter” tale while remaining its own story. VERDICT It is unlikely that the script will create new Potter followers, owing to its format (reading a script vs. reading a novel is a whole other ballgame), but it’s a well-crafted and enjoyable read.—Tyler Hixson, School Library Journal

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, Parts 1 & 2, Special Rehearsal Edition Script Hardcover – July 31, 2016 by J.K. Rowling (Author) Review

Spoilers!!Huge Harry Potter fan– 16 years of reading!! So I was incredibly excited for the new one. I keep wondering if there’s a therapy group where all the disgruntled fans can congragate and weep together. I’m also refusing to consider in cannon as it was not JKR herself who penned. What they did to the INTEGRITY of these characters. I’m sick over it. The entire 7 book series was about friendship, love and loyalty, and Harry knew that; and most importantly, knew that’s what made him different from V. You’re telling me, he, Ron and Herm didn’t continue to live and instil those values in their children? Rose was a bully, who was prejudice against someone without knowing them first. Harry would never said he wished his kid wasn’t his, or sacrificed his kid’s only friendship over gosip. Harry wouldn’t have choosen work over time with his family, which after all he’d been through WAS ALL HE EVER WANTED. If someone were to ask me, what is your favorite thing about Harry Potter?, I would hands down reply: Harry Potter’s moral integrity, that is the heart of the series. It’s his choosing to sacrifice himself for what is good. It’s choosing friendship over suspicion. It’s a defiant effort to turn towards the pain of loving and losing, then choosing not to love at all. It’s choosing to do what right, and best for others even when it hurts, is inconvenient, or scary. It’s fighting for truth and justice, even when you’re the only one doing it. And when you move away from those central themes, the integrity of who we know Harry (and friends) to have PROVEN himself to be, you destroy Harry Potter and all that he stood for for 7 books. This new book is the worst kind of trash, the one that destroys the soul of our hero. Also, what they did to calm, measured, quirky, wise Dumbledore, making him a weepy, rude mess, who spoke in cliches, issuing a completely unnecessary "apology" to why Harry was at the Dursleys, when Dumbledore had already apologized profusely for that in HP5 AND severely told off the Dursleys in HP6 for their abusive behavior! It was just phony emotional porn! And Ron’s a proper idiot who got drunk during his wedding?! He would have never disrespected Hermione like that. Hermione was neither clever, nor charming; she didn’t come up with hardly any solutions. And what a weak, floppy mess Harry was during the fight scene?! His 16 year old self could have fought better. It’s like they sucked the soul out of the books, like a dementor wrote it!! This is not even pointing out the horrible plot holes! No, I refuse this book is real. It’s a bloody mess! -Read Reviews-

No need to reiterate what others have said in great and passionate detail. The following are my main problems:SPOILERS AHEAD:1. Why JKR allowed anyone but herself to write a story using her characters is a huge mystery to me. It’s obvious from the get-go that she did not write the story because the characters speak and behave NOTHING like themselves. Moreover, the writing is, at best, mediocre. Even allowing for the skills and talents of actors and the emotion with which they might imbue the dialogue, I can’t imagine it would come out sounding anything but boring. It simply has no **heart**. 2. Can anyone really envision Voldemort having sex–like, *ever*? Really? I don’t think I’ve ever read a more asexual character, anywhere. So it was basically impossible for me to suspend disbelief to accept that he had a love child with Bellatrix. Nope. Sorry. Never would have happened (despite that *she* surely would have wished it had). Thus, since I couldn’t accept the premise on which the entire story is based, the whole thing just didn’t work for me. At all. 3. Twenty-plus years of marraige, and Ron and Hermoine still seem like the worst-matched couple, ever. I love them both, but living their day-to-day lives under the same roof, raising a family. ..? I still can envision it. 4. Hermoine–Minister of Magic. ..? Makes me sad for her–like she’s never learned to loosen up at all, is still trying to control everything around her (and why? What’s she so afraid will happen?). Also, it seems like a terrible waste of magical talent; I mean, why take the "best student of the year" and turn her into an adminstrator who, doubtless, spends most of her time in meetings, organizing stuff, and making decisions that other people will execute. As I said, it makes me sad–and, maybe, a little disgusted. I wish I could think of at least one thing I liked about the play, but I’m very sorry to say that I can’t. I have to chalk it up to a waste of time and money.

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