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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Unknown Binding – 2000 4.7 out of 5 stars

These new paperback Harry Potter editions are absolutely gorgeous! I have made it my goal to get every beautiful edition of Harry Potter out there and this is definitely one of them. To people who have never read Harry Potter. .. just do it! I mean come on. .. Wizards/Witches/Friendship/Love! There is nothing to dislike about these books, they are so magical and captivating no matter what age you are! Check it out!

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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Unknown Binding – 2000 4.7 out of 5 stars Review

These books are obviously great, but the reader for this audio book is AMAZING. He does all of the voices of the characters and is enthralling. I like that all of the CDs are in individual folders, it makes it easier to locate and change the discs! -Read Reviews-

Until recently, my only experience with Harry Potter was in watching the movies with my grandchildren. I loved the movies but never got around to reading the books until a few months ago when I borrowed them through Kindle Unlimited. I loved the books and this was a rare case where the books and the movies were equally good. The books were literate and not at all condescending towards their target audience of young people. At the same time, the books had appeal for adults and held my interest throughout. I decided that I would buy the books as soon as finances permitted because I wanted them available in my library in case they were ever dropped from KU. I expected it to take some time before I could buy the books. However, a very nice person posted on the price drops forum that not only was a couple collection available now, but was being offered at a ridiculously low price. I quickly one-clicked and did my happy dance. I love having all of the books in one collection, and as others have noted, it has easy navigation and all of the illustrations are included; there were no shortcuts taken with this set. The set is no longer fifteen dollars, but my review is based on content and not price. The sale price was just a serendipitous occurrence, but even at full price, the collection is good value for money. I can see people being disappointed and upset because they missed the sale, but that is no reason to give the books a bad review. The regular price is not out of line with what books by other popular authors cost. Besides, thousands of books have price drops every day, some lasting only a couple of hours. I have several ways in which I track book prices, but still, I have missed sales on books I wanted; it is no one’s fault.

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