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Happy Baby Gentle Teethers Organic Teething Wafers, Banana and Sweet Potato, 12 Count (Pack of 6)

I got 6 boxes of 12, so 72 packages (there’s two wafers per package)Great for babies learning to eat. These disolve so quickly, I haven’t had any issues with choking. Happy with the ingredients too! The only downfall is that they crumble easy. So, I put them in a little tupperware to transport them. If you leave them in a diaper bag, or food bag, they will crumble and probably not usable. They are rated for "sitting" babies, whereas most others are rated for crawling babies. I started using these when my little one could sit up, was approved for food by the Doc, and drooling a lot from teething (4-6 months old). First, I would break off tiny little pieces he couldn’t choke on, then a half a wafer at a time. He holds them himself now, and chews them with his gums. Because he drools so much from teething, these get wet and disolve very quickly. I watch him closely when he has these because he is so young, but so far, they have worked out great. He’s not quite old enough for cheerios, so he eats these to keep himself busy at restaurants. Overall, I’d highly recommend these. Check it out!

Our easily-dissolving banana & sweet potato teething wafers are the perfect first snack for Baby’s developing gums. Made with jasmine rice flour and a touch of organic fruits and vegetables, they’re sure to soothe and delight.

Happy Baby Gentle Teethers Organic Teething Wafers, Banana and Sweet Potato, 12 Count (Pack of 6) Review

These are delicious! My baby started eating these around 6 months and I tested out many brands to see which wafers were the best. Sometimes I will eat them as a snack because they’re so good. They are not very sweet and are very airy. All other wafers I have tried are a bit denser. These are my favorite for several reasons, the main one being that they make the smallest mess. The plum brand is sticky and clumpy and gets everywhere. ..then dries up and is gross. The happy baby ones don’t dissolve as much in my baby’s hands and are very easy to clean up if they get anywhere. This is especially true of the banana sweet potato flavor because he wafers are light. (The purple wafers have stained his clothes). -Read Reviews-

Great product! My grandson has been eating these since he first started teething. He eats them every day. I love the ingredients and these are the least messy snack I’ve ever experienced! They’re dry and not oily, and don’t put off the crumbs that most snacks do. They’re perfect for handing back to his carseat during travel, and the only snack I feel good about him walking around the house with. I’ll buy these for as long as he likes eating them.

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