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Hamilton (Original Broadway Cast Recording)(Explicit)(2CD)

Warning: Don’t want your spouse to smack you? your kids to kick your shins? Then avoid this album at ALL COSTS. You’ll ignore them. all. Brushing off this warning may cause severe feel good feely feelings. You may experience a spell of charisma, nostalgia, intrigue, etc. Once you’ve reached elation, forget calling for help. The addiction has now taken you. Soon your family will start experimenting with this album and know Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton are more than just a trivia question from the Got Milk commercial from 1993. Everyone loses. Truth be told and joking aside, I can’t get enough of this album. The source material is certainly not all "feel good", but the retelling of Hamilton’s journey was masterful. The musical blend by Miranda was hypnotic and brought up doses of nostalgia. Everything from the instrumental echoes of Grandmaster Flash to the slick rhymes of 80s/90s Hip Hop intertwined and woven with past Broadway styles was truly a fantastic experience for me. As for the story, I won’t spoil the content of the album. That would be stealing an opportunity from you. I’ll leave it at this:I enjoyed this album enough to:-sing along with it-move along with it-make plans to fly out to Broadway to watch and support this show-most importantly: find out more about Alexander Hamilton beyond the 1993 Got Milk commercialI hope you enjoy this album as much as I have Check it out!

“Hamilton” – which transferred to Broadway following a sold-out run at The Public Theater in NYC – is the acclaimed new musical about the scrappy young immigrant Alexander Hamilton, the $10 Founding Father who forever changed America with his revolutionary ideas and actions. During his life cut too short, he served as George Washington’s chief aide, was the first Treasury Secretary of the United States, a loving husband and father, despised by his fellow Founding Fathers, and shot to death by Aaron Burr in a legendary duel. The “HAMILTON (ORIGINAL BROADWAY CAST RECORDING)” is executive produced by Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson and Tariq “Black Thought” Trotter, founding members of the Grammy Award winning hip-hop band, The Roots. “HAMILTON” has book, music and lyrics by Tony and Grammy Award-winning composer Lin Manuel Miranda, who also plays the title role. The musical is directed by Thomas Kail, with choreography by Andy Blankenbuehler and music direction and orchestrations by Alex Lacamoire. “HAMILTON” is inspired by Ron Chernow’s biography “Alexander Hamilton.”

Hamilton (Original Broadway Cast Recording)(Explicit)(2CD) Review

I’ve been a theater musical buff for years. For quite some time, there has been a famine in creativity on Broadway. Jukebox musicals are okay, but the music isn’t original. Revivals are reliable for a profitable box office, but how many Sondheim revivals can one mount? I was all set to throw in the towel and stream Netflix shows for artistic sustenance for the remainder of my days. But all that has changed since Lin-Manuel Miranda decided to turn Alexander Hamilton’s life story into a Hip-Hop musical. It looks crazy on paper, right? Yes, but it’s crazy excellent! This exquisite piece of musical craftsmanship is nothing like I’ve ever experienced. The songs are well forged against the backdrop of one of this nation’s most historical moments. All of these songs could easily be Top 40’s singles. This excellent cast album has it all: songs about desire, triumph, love, heartbreak, power, obsession, family, cheating, status, happiness and loss. After an eight year absence from visiting NYC, Hamilton has inspired me to book a plane ticket and a ridiculously expensive hotel room in the Big Apple just to see this show in the Fall. Thank you, Mr. Miranda for granting the kiss of life to Broadway. ..and it was well worth the wait! -Read Reviews-

These are not words I toss around lightly, but seriously, Hamilton is a masterpiece that will change musical theater forever. This show is certain to sweep the 2016 Tony Awards and I would not be surprised at all if Lin-Manuel Miranda is awarded a Pulitzer Prize along the way. As for the soundtrack, let’s just say this is one of those epics that gets better and better with every listen (and I’ve listened dozens of times already). Every member of my family has been addicted to it since the day it was released. It’s a brilliant pastiche of musical and poetic styles, all perfectly tailored to each particular character, yet woven into an intricate narrative that will inspire, entertain, and break your heart. I was privileged to see the show the week that it opened, and can’t stop telling people about it, so I was beyond thrilled that the production team, including writer/performer Lin-Manuel Miranda and producer Ahmir Khalib Thompson (aka Questlove) chose to produce a full-length soundtrack that skipped nothing from the original show. With such a beautifully-woven narrative, it would have been a shame to leave anything out. Now an entire generation of theater-goers will arrive at Hamilton already knowing the music and words, and that’s probably a great thing, because it’s incredibly complex and fast-paced. I can’t wait to go again, because it’s easy to miss so much on first listen. Is this soundtrack for everybody? I think so. I don’t listen to hip hop music at all — at least not until Hamilton. That’s one reason this is so groundbreaking. It’s a mix of hip hop, R&B, jazz, vintage pop and straight-ahead broadway tunes, all perfectly pushing forward a narrative of the founding of United States of America as an immigrant story — a story of bold, daring, rule-breaking, enlightened thinkers, and of how they made a name for themselves and for the new world. I could go on and on, but I’m wasting your time. Just order it now!

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