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Hamilton Beach 25300 Meal Maker Express Indoor Extra Large Contact Grill

This grill just rocks! It grills evenly on both side and at the same time drains away extra fat with the slanted grooves. I tried chicken, steak and fish and everything seems to work. And thanks to the non-stick surface, it is also very easy to clean, although you have to be careful to keep the water out of the internal heating elements. Note that unlike some other grills, the wedges form a flat "surface"—only the grooves are slanted. That means if you put a hotdog on the grill, it won’t start rolling. (Now try that with the slanted ones. .. and don’t think you can fix this problem by putting the hotdog in the "vertical" orientation, ‘cos the grooves are vertical too and you want to put the hotdog perpendicular to the grooves in order for the fat to be drained efficiently. )So that’s what I expect from a good grill. What I didn’t expect is: this grill can also toast home-made bread very well. I happen to have a bread maker and for a long time I don’t like the result of my toaster because, as you know, home-made bread are hard to slice thin and so each slice is thicker. Out of curiosity I tried to "grill" a slice of bread with my new grill and what I got is surprisingly good toast. Now I am using this grill as a toaster in the morning. And did I mention you can use this to make grill cheese sandwich in five minutes too? 😛 Check it out!

Preheat this electric grill for 5 minutes, and it will cook steaks in about 5 minutes–both sides at once because the lid is fitted with a 12-by-6-inch nonstick grill just like the bottom. Burgers, chicken breasts, and fish cook about as quickly, while pork chops require 10 minutes. That’s with the lid closed. But the lid also opens flat to double the grill surface–in case company shows up ravenous for corn, onions, tomatoes, and other foods imbued with that distinctive caramelized flavor that only comes from cooking on a grill. Cooking on this grill is healthful, too, as fat drips from foods into the grill’s channels and runs off into a removable tray. The on/off knob is also a timer. Set it and it will shut off automatically when the time elapses. Cleanup requires no more than a sudsy sponge on both the grills and the hard-plastic exterior. Overall, the grill measures 16 by 9-1/2 by 6 inches and stores upright. –Fred Brack




Hamilton Beach 25300 Meal Maker Express Indoor Extra Large Contact Grill Review


I never thought I would every buy one of these. I was surprised when my brother told me he had a George Foreman grill. He told me it actually did a nice job grilling. I was intrigued since my brother likes good food. So I started looking at prices. I was surprised how much they cost. Then I ran across the Hamilton Beach on Amazon. It was a great price for the size, so I decided to go for it. I couldn’t wait to try it out. It shipped quickly. ..! I grilled two 1/3 lb burgers, and it had room to grill onions and 1/2 a portabella mushroom on the side at the same time. The burgers were soooo good and juicy, I was amazed! Another day I grilled two new york steaks, wow, and it only took 7 minutes to cook! I’ve also grilled chicken that was frozen and it came out perfect. Even my 14 mo old loves the meat that I cook on this grill. Not only that, it’s a time saver! Now I look forward to cooking and figuring out what I can grill next. There is the clean up, it’s not too bad. I just poor some water on the grills and let it soak, and wipe it off in a few minutes. Better then having to clean a BBQ grill. The timer is also nice. Once I forgot to unplug it, and fortunately the timer also turns off the grill, which was a great feature. It could use a larger grease tray. I once squeezed 6 chicken thighs on the grill and there was so much grease/juice that came out that I had to empty the tray midway. Other then that I am extremely happy with this grill. -Read Reviews-

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16 by 9-1/2 by 6 inches; stores upright

Grills closes for quick, two-sided cooking or opens to double grill space

Heavy, nonstick top and bottom grills

Healthful cooking method, as fat drips into removable tray

Timer automatically shuts off grill after cooking

We originally were looking at a George Forman grill since, after all, GF grills are the "kings" of the market. We liked this because it was bigger and would handle our 2 adult, 2 young children family better. We are very happy with it. The pluses are that it cooks great with it’s top and bottom cooking, gives you a timer to limit how long you cook so you don’t overcook, is very easy to clean up, and has a slanted surface to drain off the fat into a small removeable fat holder. It folds up and stores on it’s side — very nice!The only less-positive comment is that the grill area does not come out, which would make cleaning the outside edges a bit easier (I’m sloppy at times so at rare times, the sauce goes outside the main grill area). Also, you can not adjust the temperature. (Not that I would know what to adjust it to. )However both of these points are common to most of the other grills and they are minor. All in all, I’m extremely happy with the grill! And the food it cooks taste great! I”d by it again if I needed to.

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