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Guilty By Gucci EDT spray for Men, 3 Ounce

I use to love this stuff but the cost went up and I must say. The smell doesn’t last long like it use to. I’m sad to say this but I fine myself spraying it every hour. I use to spray it at home and off to work I go and get compliments all day. Now I actually bring it to work with me in my pocket and when I go to the bathroom, I spray it on. Like 6 times thru the day. So you do math on how long this bottles going to last. Check it out!

Gucci Guilty Edt Spr 3.0 Oz / 90 Ml

Guilty By Gucci EDT spray for Men, 3 Ounce Review

I bought this for a christmas present and noticed that the smell wasn’t lasting as long as the initial product that I purchased about 6 months ago. So, I took it over to Macy’s and spoke with the rep there and was informed that this wasn’t the actual product but instead a fake/counterfeit version of the product. I’m extremely upset!!! -Read Reviews-

Great scent, but definitely different from the sampler I got from the mall. It’s a masculine scent that can be overpowering at first. It’s disappointing that it does not last very long (gone within 4 hours). The large bottle is a plus though, but maybe not since you have to respray often. I would not buy again from the Amazon seller and would go to the store instead.

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