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Grossan Hydro Pulse Nasal and Sinus Irrigation System with the Original Grossan Sinus Tip - 120v/60Hz

I’m giving one star for the machine, not for the idea of nasal irrigation. I have been using this system since 2006 and, as I can’t live without nasal irrigation, over the years I have bought a total of 4 of this brand of machine, 3 of them within the last 4 – 5 years. The first one I bought lasted 5 years and I couldn’t understand the reviews that said they don’t last long. Yes it leaked after the first 6 months to a year, but it worked fine. I religiously rinse/flush it out with a ful tank of hot water after every use and with vinegar every 2-3 months. When it finally gave out, I bought another one that lasted for 1. 5 years and then it suddenly stopped working, the motor was running but no water was coming out. And yes I did "prime the pump" repeatedly. I bought another one, but unfortunately it fell and the removable nozzle broke off right where it is inserted, so there was absolutely no way I could remove the remaining piece of plastic to insert another nozzle. I bought my 4th one less than 6 months ago, again I clean it religiously after every use and have rinsed it out twice with vinegar. Again, with no warning, it suddenly stopped pumping water! I had used it a couple of hours previously (I had a very bad cold) and it worked fine. Two hours later the motor was working with no pumping of water. I tried to open up the machine to see if it was a minor problem (bottom line, it was just a little water pump and I did have 4 of them so I had no shortage of spare parts) that I could easily rectify, but it is virtually impossible to open this up to reach the working parts. Not unless you have specialist equipment that is. Small star shaped screws that it was difficult to find a screwdriver for, then overcoming that obstacle, the mechanical pump screws are held in with glue that I couldn’t get past to see the water flow. And the annoying nozzle holder on the one working machine I had seems to have been molded shut as there is no way to open it that I can see so that I can get the broken off piece of plastic off from the broken nozzle. I think it’s time to switch brands. Check it out!

Get serious with your sinuses. The Grossan Hydro Pulse Sinus System is the first pulsating system specifically for nasal and sinus irrigation. Not just a cleanse or rinse, the pulsating action is clinically proven to make your sinus cilia – the body’s first line of defense against contagions, pollen, and foreign matter – work better. Invented by MD specialist Murray Grossan, this is the serious but pleasant way to good sinus health in a medically recognized (covered in dozens of medical journal articles) but drug-free way. Featured in Time Magazine’s Best Inventions Report. Elevated pollen got you down? The Hydro Pulse restores sinus cilia to good health so they can rapidly eliminate pollen from the body – without expensive drugs and their side effects. This is a pleasant treatment done at home, designed to be super-gentle, especially when used with our Breathe-ease solution. Over a quarter of a million users, as young as six years old. Pots, bulbs, other methods might “clean” your nose, sort of – but they’re messy, difficult to use, and do not pulsate. Pulsatile irrigation is different; it actually restores your own body’s health maintenance system, the sinus cilia. The Hydro Pulse is also convenient – never messy – always gentle and pleasant. The unit does all the work for you, our convenient thumb switch makes it easy. Bonus: Fresher Breath. The Hydro Pulse System includes a three-way advanced breath freshening system. Research shows that breath problems come from the nose and throat (not the stomach as is commonly thought.) Our system inlcudes a special tip for complete breath control. System includes: Base unit, 2 Sinus tips, 2 Throat tips/integral tongue cleaners (for breath control), Breathe-ease irrigation solution samples, and complete instructions.

Grossan Hydro Pulse Nasal and Sinus Irrigation System with the Original Grossan Sinus Tip – 120v/60Hz Review

Since I have purchased my first one 8 years ago I cannot live without it. It has prevented so many sinus migranes. With that being said I am on my 4th one. The first and second one the end of the plastic wand snapped in a way that I couldn’t replace it and number 3 the motor stopped working after maybe 30 uses. So absolutely wonderful for helping with pollen allergies but the build quality is poor. -Read Reviews-

I wavered whether to give 2 stars or 5. I decided on four to encourage ANYone to use sinus irrigation using this method vs anything else out there I know about (and I have used them, all, neti pot, sinus surgeries, squeeze bottles, etc)I would give THIS product 2 stars because there is some serious price gouging going on here. Save yourself about $65 and get a water pik, which is what this thing is. Seriously. Nothing more, and in fact I noticed that the water pik company has started adding sinus adaptors with some of their kits. BUT, considering what this unit has saved me from, I am compelled to give a high score here. I know for a fact that using this thing multiple times a day EVEN IN THE START/MIDDLE of a sinus infection, can get rid of it. You have to be dilligent though and do it EVERY day, several times a day (at least twice probably), for several days though. And that is a pain, but it’s either that or the inevitable antibiotics which I try to avoid. And with this bad boy, I can avoid that more than half the time I feel an infection coming on. Also, here’s a tip to save further money. Don’t pay for the little pre mixed packets. ..mix your own and save a lot of money. The ingredients are literally salt and baking soda. The "higher end" packets come with Xylitol (which I swear by for sinuses, and highly recommend you use it when you rinse), which is so easy to just buy these days. You can buy a big packet of Xlitol sweetener for about $6 I think and add it to your rinse. Anyway, back to topic:Beyond 5 stars for this type of sinus irrigation (there really is NOTHING else that compares), but no need to pay the premium for this unit when a regular water pic does the same thing (with the proper tip on it)Notes:1. This thing is loud, messy and pretty cheaply made. 2. The water container leaks when you shake/swirl it (recommended to mix the solution with the warm water)3. The tongue "tool" is a gimmick imo. 4. The switch on the unit’s wand is very uncomfortable to use, and when it’s wet, I find it’s hard to turn on and off. My unit is still running after. ..1. 5 years of pretty heavy use and I have yet to do the vinegar cleaning they recommend you do every once in a while. BUT I faithfully rinse the thing well after every use, so there is no salt residue in the system when I’m done. I think the people complaining about these not lasting might not be doing the proper cleanup after using. Having said all that I HIGHLY recommend this or any similar unit for anyone with sinus trouble OR anyone that appreciates the feeling of a clean sinus. It really feels great to me for several hours after I do this. Hope that helps some people. EDIT: As of 11/30/11 still going strong! I have yet to clean it per the instructions, (not the tip, the whole vinegar thing), but after every time I use it I fill the tank with about a cup of water and run it through with the machine running. Seems to clear out the salt solution fine. Not at all saying you shouldn’t clean the thing, just that I am very slack, yet the unit continues to operate normally even if it’s not cleaned with something other than water. Also, some additional tips I have learned over the years. ..if you are reading this review, you will likely find the following "special" ingredients helpful. In addition to one pre-mixed saline packet (I buy the local pharmacy brand of 100 for convenience), I put the following in my rinse:A little bit of Alkalol (look it up here on Amazon)A liquid budesonide postule (need a Rx for it, but it’s dirt cheap and generic, and is much more effective than using nasal steroid sprays as this gets IN your sinuses) or 2 if I am really congestedIf I think I am getting or have a sinus infection, I will also add:2-3 drops at MOST of GSE (Grapefruit seed extract, also see here on Amazon) POTENT careful more than a few of drops!1/4, maybe a little less of a packet of XylitolThese things combined together provide a POWERFUL anti-inlflammation/anti sinus infection solution that seems safe to use even on a regular basis (not sure I would use the GSE more than once a day though). Hope that helps someone.’s taken me years of reading and experimentation to find something that is up to battling my constant sinus issues.

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