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GoSports Premium Ladder Toss Game with 6 Bolos and Carrying Case

We actually went to Walmart and picked one up that had 3. 5/5 stars. I only put half of it together when I told my wife “this thing will never last”. We turned to Amazon and bought this unit. There is no comparison. The tubing looks and feels like it will last forever. We have played with it for days and it has never come apart or tipped over. The bag has been upgraded from earlier models and is also excellent quality. The balls are real golf balls. I highly recommend this unit. Check it out!

Whether you are upgrading an old ladder toss set or finally joining the fun, the GoSports Ladder Toss game is the perfect choice. We built this set using premium materials so it will last for years, and we also simplified the assembly so you can be setup and playing within minutes. While some of the cheaper games out there use ultra thin, low quality PVC (less than 1mm thickness), we used robust 2.5mm PVC that can handle even the hardest tosses. There is nothing worse than having a game constantly interrupted by the PVC joints falling apart, so we didn’t skimp like the others. Our Bolas (projectiles you throw at the targets) are made from real golf balls connected by high density woven nylon, which provide the best feel and their thick rope prevents tangles. Everything can be conveniently stowed in the included zip-up carrying case for maximum portability (upgraded to durable polyester since Jan 2013). Our goal is to provide you with the best possible game so you can get out there and have the most possible fun with friends and family. If you are looking for a more economical Ladder Toss set, please checkout our GoSports Standard Ladder Toss Set.

GoSports Premium Ladder Toss Game with 6 Bolos and Carrying Case Review

We bought this for a party reception to keep the kids busy, and now we’re using it as an easy lawn game. Fun. This unit is sturdy and never falls down when in use. Packing up at the reception we lost a piece, very frustrating. I emailed GoSports to see if I could get it replaced. They replied within hours and shipped the piece out the next day. Quite impressive. -Read Reviews-

#1 Selling Ladder Toss on Amazon – Top Quality and Price

Includes 2 Premium PVC Targets, 6 Bolas (3 Red + 3 Blue), Carrying Case and Instructions / Rules

Bolas made from real golf balls for authentic game play and use thick rope to prevent tangles

Great game to get the entire family outside together

Simplified assembly means you are playing in minutes

LIFETIME REPLACEMENT WARRANTY – GoSports 100% stands behind all of its products. If anything ever breaks or you misplace a part, we will replace it for free.

I received this item in the mail ahead of Memorial Day Weekend where we planned on having some guests at a barbecue. The item was in good shape upon arrival. It was easy to put together by just looking at the picture on the box. We started playing and within 10 minutes one of the knots came undone and the gold ball fell out. It took some fine threading to get it back through the hole and then we re-tied it. After two days of playing, someone threw a toss that landed on the lower blue rung and the piping just broke in half. It wasn’t a hard throw and the set hadn’t been through any rough play. This was simply typical use (and not that much of it). I wrote Amazon and was hopeful that they could simply send me a blue rung, but they have to replace the entire item. I like the item otherwise so I will go ahead with the replacement, but I am giving it 3 stars because of durability and inconvenience with having to return the item after such a short period of time. I hope the replacement set works out better.

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