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Gorilla 4200101-12 Epoxy (12 Pack), .85 oz, Clear

I haven’t used very much epoxy. It scares me a little bit. I don’t like mixing the different glues together and the smell is kind of like burning hair but I wanted to make my own cabinet knobs/drawer pulls for a bureau that I had painted. In order to do that, it was necessary to epoxy several pieces together that could stand up to some substantial pulling and tugging. I consulted a couple of folks on a craft website and was encouraged to use Gorilla Glue epoxy. It worked perfectly-almost. Of the 12 drawer pulls, 3 popped apart on the 1st tug. Looking at the residue, it appeared that I didn’t use enough epoxy. All the others had a substantially larger amount so I think the epoxy failure was my trying to stretch the epoxy I had already mixed. I should have just used a little more. So, I have re-epoxyed those last 3 and, after curing for 24 hours, they seem solid as a rock. It still smells and you have to use a little at a time because the glue cannot be saved to use later. Once the 2 parts are mixed then you are committed. Check it out!

Gorilla takes epoxy to a new level—the Gorilla Tough level. With its superior solvent and water resistance, Gorilla Epoxy adhesive is incredibly strong and durable for household and automotive repairs alike. The easy-to-use syringe keeps the epoxy resin and hardener separate, so it is easy to dispense and won’t harden over time. The two-part, gap-filling formula easily bonds steel, aluminum, glass, wood, ceramic, tile and most plastics. Plus, it dries in an ideal, crystal-clear finish that makes projects look spotless. Directions: 1. Prepare Your Work Area and the Surface: It is recommended to use Gorilla Epoxy in a well-ventilated area. Prepare the surface: To improve adhesion, roughen smooth surfaces before gluing. Then clean and dry all surfaces to be bonded. 2. Mixing Gorilla Epoxy: Remove the black cap. With tip pointing upward, cut or snap the end from tip of the syringes. With the tip still pointing upward, eliminate air and ensure even dispensing by slowly pushing the plunger until both the resin and the hardener are at the tip. Push the plunger to dispense even amounts of resin and hardener onto a clean, disposable, contained surface. Mix the two parts for about 20 seconds, until the mixture is uniform. 3. Application: After mixing is complete, apply Gorilla Epoxy within 5 minutes. The epoxy mixture will continue to thicken and the bond strength will decrease the longer you wait to apply. 4. Clamping: To reach maximum bond strength, clamp project together and leave undisturbed. Important Cure Times: Set: 5 minutes to apply and position Handling: Allow to cure for 30 minutes undisturbed (no weight or handling) Final Cure: Allow 24 hours for load-bearing weight Storage: To close, pull plunger slightly back. Wipe tip clean with dry cloth and align notch on tip and cap. Close tightly. Click on the Gorilla link at the top of this page to see more fine products from the Gorilla Glue Company.

Gorilla 4200101-12 Epoxy (12 Pack), .85 oz, Clear Review

I used this to fix a crack on my Honda Fit front spoiler (lip) which is polyurethane plastic I believe. It worked great and has held up since using it. There was a crack about 1. 5" where the mounting point is on the side. The key was to "clamp" the two parts together once you applied the epoxy. I was not able to use a clamp due to the odd shape but I used masking tape and it it did the job. I let it cure for 24 hours before removing the tape, which left some residue that came off easily. -Read Reviews-

Strong, permanent, fast and gap-filling; Great for multiple surface applications

Best for tough repairs requiring a durable bond, gap-filling and solvent resistance

Dries Clear; Ideal for clean, easy finishing

16 Minute Set; Plenty of repositioning time for the perfect fit

Easy-to-Use Syringe; Separate barrels of resin and hardener keep epoxy from hardening, plus syringe dispenses evenly and includes a cap for multiple uses

I needed this to glue glass candle holders together, tried my 6000 glue and they wouldn’t stay secure. Gorilla glue EPOXY was the only glue I found to really glue Glass to glass. It did have to be mixed correctly and set up. I left it overnight and I finally have a tall skinny glass candleholder that stays together. GREAT PRODUCTS, have used all gorilla products including tape – great buy Thanks 🙂

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