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Golden State Fruit Chocolate Covered Strawberries, 12 Dark, Milk & White Delight

Purchased a dozen for my wife (as noted in other reviews, they will come in 2 6-pk boxes) and a single box of 6 for my daughter. Was a little concerned during the ordering process where it was noted to order them after a certain day/date and time for 1-day shipping and Valentine’s day delivery. After following the ordering instructions, my initial delivery date was the day after Valentine’s Day. However, I received updated emails/alerts a couple of days after ordering that the delivery date changed and they were delivered promptly on Valentine’s Day as advertised. I have never ordered hand-dipped chocolate strawberries to date, but was pleasantly surprised at the packaging and obvious care and pride involved. They arrived in boxes containing a high-quality insulated envelope. Inside the insulated envelope was a frozen gel packet. To protect the box of berries from the resulting condensation, there was a barrier of cardboard between them and the packet. It’s the small but important details such as this that impress me. As for the berries, they simply were a hit with both the wife and 10 year old daughter. The fruit was very large and high quality. They were perfectly ripe – not soft, yet not overly firm. I’m currently low-carb and have been for some time, thus usually am not tempted by anything sweet, but their persistence won me over and I tried one. The chocolate wasn’t overly sweet and paired well with the fruit. Let’s just say that I wasn’t disappointed when they asked me to help them eat them over the next few days before they spoiled. I guess I’ll be having a couple of carb filled ‘cheat days’ this week. Well done. Everyone ups their game for V-Day, so subsequent orders will tell the tale as to consistency of the quality and product. But Golden State earned the chance for repeat purchases. I’ll definitely give them a try for special occasions such as having friends/family for dinner. Check it out!

Indulge in pure dark, milk and white chocolate covered strawberries. These 12 giant California strawberries are dipped only in real premium chocolate and beautifully packed in our signature gift box with ice packs, then shipped overnight to ensure perfect arrival.

Golden State Fruit Chocolate Covered Strawberries, 12 Dark, Milk & White Delight Review

Yum. Would buy again if on a special. -Read Reviews-

So delicious. Arrived in very fresh condition.

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