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God Bless the Child

I happened upon this CD in a music store, and because it was on sale I decided to buy it. I wasn’t quite sure who Billie Holiday was, I just remembered my mom talking about listening to her when she was young. Needless to say I didn’t expect to relate to the music at all. To my surprise I absolutely loved the CD. The songs are timeless and Billie’s voice is amazing, unlike any other I’ve ever heard. Now I listen to her music whenever I get a chance. I would recommend this CD to anyone, young or old. It’s definitely a classic. Check it out!

Holiday,Billie ~ God Bless The Child




God Bless the Child Review


I was looking for a CD version of the tape entitled “God Bless the Child”. This isn’t it. The tape has a bunch of Billie Holiday classics: “I can’t pretend”, “Ghost of Yesterday,” “Falling in Love again”, “Jim”, “I Cover the Waterfront”, etc. This CD has the same album title as the tape, but bears no relation to it, except for the title song. The tape is a lot better. -Read Reviews-

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