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GO CUBES Chewable Coffee, Mocha, 4 count chews (6 Pack)

I was an early adopter of GoCubes chewable coffee: I backed their IndieGoGo campaign, and have had a box of 20 sitting on my desk for the last month. Not a day goes by that I don’t consume 1-2 of these little cubes, and I’ve found them very useful for mornings (and afternoons, and evenings, and late nights. ..) when I don’t have the resources or time to make a flagon of black coffee. I keep packets in my car, my gym bag, my workspace, and at home. Anything to assist with productivity, energy, focus, and concentration is a potential tool for my arsenal: I work long hours, have a big commute, and train intensely at the gym 5-6 days each week. They taste great: all three flavors nail the profile of their respective drinks. The black coffee is slightly bitter and sour, exactly like a properly made cup. The latte and mocha are nice treats, with a slightly vanilla undertone and chocolate undertone respectively. Each packet is randomly packed with the three flavors, though I’ve found the plain ‘black’ coffee to be the most common. The texture is like a gummy candy, with an exterior sugar coating. They are chewy, easy to eat, and don’t leave any mess. There is nothing magical about GoCubes: they contain caffeine (about 50mg/cube) and theanine (a supplement used to smooth-out the jitters from caffeine and provide a more even, relaxed stimulation). Nootrobox, the company behind GoCubes, has marketed them as nootropic (brain, or "smart" drugs), but there’s nothing proprietary, really, about GoCubes’ ingredients. Each cube contains ~9 grams of carbohydrates, which at 70 calories (~18 g carbs) per "serving" (2 blocks) is a hefty dose. I only have 1 cube at a time, pre-gym, and on my commute, and have had to adjust my nutrition accordingly. The biggest drawback — and it’s quite a drawback — of GoCubes is the price: they average more than two dollars ($2) per packet, which is 1-4 servings, depending on energy requirements. Spending nearly sixty dollars on a pack of 20 is excessive, making these a luxury item – rather than an every day tool. Buying in bulk does not mitigate this issue, and as much as a convenient tool they’ve been, I likely won’t repurchase them: a half caffeine tablet and a theanine capsule does the same job, without the added carbohydrates/sugars, and at a tiny fraction of the price. Check it out!

GO CUBES are the future of coffee. GO CUBES combine the kick of coffee with the relaxation of green tea. And instead of putting your coffee in a cup, you can put it in your pocket, for performance on the go. GO CUBES pack half a cup of coffee (50 mg caffeine) into a single cube. But it’s more than just coffee. Through Nootrobox’s R&D, we’ve reduced the jitteriness of caffeine and added nootropics for a well-rounded, steady and focused feel. GO CUBES come in convenient 4-packs. Since each CUBE is equal to half a cup of coffee, a 4-pack is equal to 2 cups. GO CUBES are sold as either a sampler of 6 x 4-packs or as a full box of 20 x 4-packs.

GO CUBES Chewable Coffee, Mocha, 4 count chews (6 Pack) Review

Left me with a bad taste in my mouth. Both literally and figuratively. The "cubes" do not taste good at all. I had trouble finishing 1 package. They also did not produce any noticeable effect. More importantly, I was dismayed to learn there is no coffee in this product. The flavor is 100% artificial. In technical fairness, the ingredients do say exactly that but I feel they should mention "artificially flavored" on the front of the package. Instead they just talk about chewable "coffee," and taking your "coffee" to the next level. I found it misleading. Think about it- what if a company packaged artificial orange gummy chews as "chewable oranges?" I’m really surprised there aren’t more complaints about the absence of actual coffee in these "coffee" cubes. Finally, I went to return these only to learn they don’t accept returns. Buyers beware! -Read Reviews-

I am an espresso drinker, so the taste was very welcoming to me. If you do not like the taste of coffee these might not be very appealing. The texture is that of soft gummy bears and almost melts in your mount which is pleasant and easy to consume. I also drink green tea, so I am familiar with the difference between the caffeine effect of each. These cubes are more link green tea in that the caffeine boost is more level and gradual that that with coffee or a shot of espresso which can take the top of your head off if you have not had caffeine for a while. I limit my caffeine intake daily to about 100 mg of caffeine from coffee or tea in the morning and have used one cube in the afternoon a few times so far and the affect was what I was hoping for, a pleasant pick me up with added alertness like with green tea but not the jolt I would have gotten from coffee. I will be experimenting with these cubes in the future. As with any caffeine product, you can build up a tolerance so keep that in mind.

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