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Giro Terraduro Bike Shoes Mens

I got this shoe to replace an older pair of mid level mountain bike shoes that I bought years ago. I use them on my all-road bike that I truly ride on all types of roads. A majority of my miles are on pavement though so I didn’t want to sacrifice a nice stiff sole for power transfer. I also commute on this bike so I need to be able to walk easily. I’ve done a four day rails to trails tour and a fifty mile gravel race on this bike, so I wanted a shoe that would be versatile in all these environments without looking garish if I ride down to the brewery for a pint. This shoe does a pretty good job at all those things. ..but. ..I’m not totally in love with it. The sole is not your typical chunky mountain bike tread, which was a major selling point for me considering my specific demands, and is therefore very easy for walking. It’s as close to a normal shoe as any bike shoe I’ve ever owned. To be honest it kind of reminds me of old school mountain bike shoes from the 90s, before they got all agro. ..dude. The sole flexes a bit to make it easier for walking around but still manages to be plenty stiff for pedalling. It’s comfortable enough and I imagine will continue to break in a bit more the longer I wear it. The top buckle works well enough and the velcro straps work as you’d expect. I hope, and expect, that the Vibram sole will be long wearing because this shoe feels like it’s built for durability. Which, as so often is the case, is part of its downside as well. This thing is a tank & is predictably pretty heavy. The upper is pretty solid and I get the feeling that in the hot summer months will be pretty warm, despite the few perforations scattered about. I could be wrong about this, and I hope I am. Sadly enough Giro seems to be the only company that is making a shoe that fits this niche, at least that I could find. I have a narrow foot and this thing is comfortable enough, not like my Sidi road shoes that feel like slippers though. The insert feels pretty cheesy, but that’s pretty typical and there are plenty of alternative upgrades in that department. I’d really like to say I love this shoe and give it 5 stars but it falls just short. It does everything I want but doesn’t have that certain something that makes a shoe great. Would I buy it again? Yes, but primarily because of a lack of competition. *****Update: I’ve downgraded my review from 4 to 3 stars. I’ve worn this shoe now for a few months. It has broken in a bit but I find myself wearing the shoe on the loose side to avoid discomfort. I wear my road shoes in varying degrees of tightness depending on how I feel on a given ride and often adjust them as the ride progresses. I’ve never had any problem doing this but when I wear the Giro on the loose side the tongue migrates to the outside of the shoe, leaving the top of my foot up against the strap; not cool. My hope is that I can find a comfortable level of tightness so that I can get some good usage out of this shoe! I’m not going to throw away a $165 pair of shoes! All of the things I said in the previous paragraph still hold true. I do hope this shoe gets better, it’s not killing my feet it’s just little problems here and there. Still trying to sort it out. Everyone’s foot is different and perhaps this shoe works very well for others. Check it out!

For security over obstacles when you are forced to hike-a-bike, you no longer need to choose between ultra-stiff road-styled shoes or grippy skate shoes that have no support. Giro’s Terraduro Shoes take the best of both so that you are as comfortable riding your bike as you are walking it. The Terraduro’s uppers are sewn from breathable perforated microfiber. To reduce abrasions, the toebox and sidewalls have been reinforced. Moving down, the shoe features a nylon shank that provides the stiffness necessary to put power to the pedals while still being comfortable to walk in. This comfort is further accentuated by an EVA footbed with a medium height arch support. At the bottom of the Terraduro, but on the top of the list of cool features, is the Vibram lugged outsole. Yes, Vibram, the same compound used on your beloved hiking shoes. This ensures grip whether you are climbing over wet roots or scaling boulders.

Giro Terraduro Bike Shoes Mens Review

First they are NOT LEATHER as described by Amazon but synthetic. The sole started to unglue. It turned out there was a recall. Google it. I returned it to Giro and they sent a new one. That also started to unglue. I decided to return it for a refund. I am done with Giro. . -Read Reviews-



Upper Material: microfiber, Vibram rubber, EVA

Lining: microfiber

Closure: hook-and-loop

Sole: Vibram

Cleat Compatibility: two-hole mountain

I had a lot of hope for this shoe. And my first couple rides made me feel confident in my purchase. The outer sole provides good grip and the upper provides a good fit. There’s one major flaw though, and that’s with the insole/footbed around the cleat. There’s a concave rectangular portion there, and that depression creates a weak spot in the shoe. I tried filling it in with the hopes the sole logic insert I use would mitigate the discomfort, but sadly it was to no avail. Now, I can’t tell if the cleat is pushing up from the bottom or if blood is pooling in the area caused by the recession, but the end result is my right foot goes numb from about the ball of my foot to my toes. This would be a solid 4. 5 shoe if theyd’ve put more effort into stiffening the cleat area, but they took the cheap approach and now im having to shop around for something better. Pretty disappointed.

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