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Gift Of The Tortoise: A Musical Journey Through Southern Africa

My kids enjoy this on long car rides. I prefer giving them something to listen to rather than a DVD because they have to use their imagination. When I was a kid we had records that went along with books, this kept me happily busy for hours! I’m glad someone is still making things to listen to instead of just a movie to plug your kids into! The best part was the silence in the car when I was driving. No one was bickering, everyone was captivated, even the teenagers:-) Excellent value for the price! Check it out! The jewel in the crown in the Music for Little People catalog, Gift of the Tortoise is stunning in its beauty and uncompromising in its delivery of excellence. Expressed from the viewpoint of a very wise tortoise, the lush harmonies of Ladysmith Black Mambazo are supported by renowned guitarist Johnny Clegg and storyteller Gcina Mhlophe, creating a captivating blend of Zulu lore, South African history, and that country’s brave optimism in the post-Apartheid era. As the drama unfolds, the listener is drawn into the spell cast by this marvelous group of players as they carry out the chant of ancestral names on “Two Shelleni,” the folk legend of the “Boy Who Turned into a Cat,” and the classic “Mbube (the Lion Sleeps Tonight).” –Paige La Grone Review Introduced by South African storyteller Gcina Mhlophe as the voice of the tortoise, stories (Boy Who Turned into a Cat), chants (Kanie, Kanje) and songs (Mbube or The Lion Sleeps Tonight) weave in and out of each other through this seamless whole of music and words. Here are striking harmonies, haunting chord progressions and unfamiliar but wonderful vocalizations. Best known in this country through its association with Paul Simon and Graceland, Ladysmith Black Mambazo and leader Joseph Shabalala are committed to preserving and disseminating traditional African music. — From Parents’ Choice®

Gift Of The Tortoise: A Musical Journey Through Southern Africa Review

I use this in my Music Teaching as a part of my units on African Music. I totally love it for my primary aged students! -Read Reviews-

My 4 year old son listens to this CD everynight before going to bed. He has memorized all the songs, including the ones in Zulu. It got him interested in the world map, in Africa, and in various animals like cheetahs and lions. He took note of the boy who turned into a 5-legged cat for picking on and laughing at other people. He listens intently and sympathetically to the story/song about children who only see their fathers once a year. My son dances with joy, just as one would imagine the children in the stories, would do so upon a happy reunion, or upon receiving a precious dress or some treats that are hard to come by. It has helped introduce my son, at an early age, to be grateful for his situation, and also to admire children around the world who can do with so little.

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