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As I logged in this morning and hit the buy now buttons to get immediate gratification (and immediate download of this album) I noticed some other comments that expressed displeasure with the quantity of music in/on this album. At just over 30 minutes, I would acknowledge that it’s a scant collection, or at least that in having just 8 tunes it’s not a lot of quantity, but I think it’s more important to have good quality over having a collection that is padded with a bunch of filler. My daughter and I were discussing just that yesterday, as I tried to remind myself to go online last night (at the end of a log day) which I failed to do (because of that long day) to buy the album. She and I both agreed that we would rather have the higher quality, even if it left us wanting more music to come out soon. It seems that the current trend is one where artists (such as Blake Shelton with All About Tonight) release shorter albums with fewer cuts/tracks on them and then get back to work on getting the next album ready for release in a relatively short time span. Doing so allows the artists to keep themselves current and fresh in the public’s mind, and also gives them multiple opportunities to dip into customer’s pockets to get paid for their work. That’s part of the beauty of the system we have, and I actually appreciate that. Again, as long as the work is of sufficient quality, I’ll happily buy the smaller collection (assuming it was priced fairly) and be ready to buy more later. Just to drive the point home one more time, it’s the songs, and the songs in this album are very good. The current radio rotation (at the time I write this) tune Put You in a Song is one that is just plain fun to listen to, and really the rest of the collection is just as good. One item of note – if you are a user of the i-type products you should be aware that the “+Digital Booklet” will not appear in your music collection, instead, if you buy the version here you’ll have an e-book added to your library and will need to look there (assuming you select it to sync to your device) for the digital booklet. I wish that the intregration was better in this area, but the pricing was better for this version as opposed to places where one might obtain other tunes, so living with that constraint isn’t that tough. As I’ve tended to say lately, sample the tracks and see for yourself what you think of this album. Worst case, you can buy the individual tracks that you like, best case you get 8 tracks at what most people would acknowledge is a pretty fair price. Check it out!

2010 album from the Country superstar. Get Closer follows #1 Defying Gravity album, which produced two #1 singles including “Only You Can Love Me This Way” and “Sweet Thing”, for which Urban won his third Grammy Award (Best Male Country Vocal Performance). “I’ve always loved songs about `the guy in love with the unattainable girl’, said Urban of “Put You In A Song”, the debut single from Get Closer. “And the idea that the only chance that this poor guy is ever going to have to get close to the object of his affection is to put her in a song, just struck me. That way he’d be able to take her with him everywhere he goes…day and night.”

Get Closer Review

It’s Keith what more needs to be said. Have several of his cd’s and download them all on my mp3 player. He’s my go to when going for my walks. -Read Reviews-

Yet another winner from the so-foine Keith Urban. I’m not giving a song-by-song review because music is just so subjective, so personal experience, a song that reaches right in and hits you in your solar plexus might leave someone else going, “meh. ” But having said that, I don’t think Keith Urban can put out a bad album. That husky, earnest voice, with just a hint of that Aussie accent peeping through when he sings certain words, his *amazing* guitar skills, the great production. .. he’s the kind of singer that makes you want to buy a high-end stereo system with turntable and then buy his entire catalog on vinyl (because unarguably, the best CD in the world just cannot quite reproduce the richness, the vibrancy, that you get from vinyl). The only thing better than a Keith Urban CD is a Keith Urban concert. One of the few artists I still automatically purchase on CD (and not download from iTunes) because, short of vinyl, I want to hear that voice, that guitar, in its finest glory. An album you can put on repeat and never tire of hearing.

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