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Furbo Dog Camera: Treat Tossing, HD Wifi Cam, and 2-Way Audio

When I got my Furbo I had problems making my smart phone work with it-NOTHING to do with the Furbo-but the Furbo people were extremely wonderful and helped me know what to do! Once I called my carrier and I told them what the great Furbo folks said, they got my issue fixed! So customer service is beyond excellent! Then, once that was all fixed up I got to experience how magnificent this invention is! I was an hour away from home through this so I connected, and it was sooooo wonderful to see my dogs and know they were doing ok! Then I talked to them and gave them all treats! It was incredibly cool! They went and laid back down and I watched them sleep happily while my husband drove us home! That hour drive was no longer stressful with me all kinds of anxious about the pups! I was super relaxed being able to see, talk and treat them even though I was so far away! Every time I have to go somewhere I now go with a new peace of mind and calm all thanks to Furbo! It works like a charm and is actually a rather attractive piece! The wooden top is a lovely touch! My family, 2 legged and 4 legged absolutely adore our Furbo! Worth every cent! Thank you, Furbo! The picture shows one of my girls as she hears the treat getting ready to pop out to her! (This is my honest opinion, NOT paid in any way to review this-I just SOOOOOOO love this creation and believe everyone needs one!) Check it out!

Meet Furbo A smart dog camera that lets you see, talk, and even toss a treat to your dog!Always together, even when apart Ever wonder what your dog does all day? Or are you worried your furbaby is bored at home alone? Through Furbo, the bond with your dog is borderless. Furbo is a smart dog camera with a connected app that lets you see, talk, and even toss treats to your dog when you're away. Be together to your furry loved ones, no matter how far you go! With Furbo you can: Speak and listen to your dog: With the two-way audio, you and your dog can both hear each other Play by tossing treats: Treat your dog from anywhere by swiping across the screen on the free Furbo iOS/Android app HD live streaming of your dog: 120° wide-angle camera with 720p HD, 4x digital zoom, and night vision – don't miss out on any moments! Get barking alerts: Furbo senses when your dog is barking and sends a push notification to your smartphone Take lots of cute photos & videos: Capture special moments, and share with friends and family  What’s Inside the Box and How to Set Up Furbo Three Easy Setup Steps 1. Plug in Furbo to a power outlet, using its USB cord  2. Download the free Furbo app, available on iOS and Android 3. Connect Furbo to your home WIFI  

Furbo Dog Camera: Treat Tossing, HD Wifi Cam, and 2-Way Audio Review

I was always concerned leaving my puppy home alone because he will cry a lot. . When I got Furbo, things got much better! Furbo sent me notifications to my phone when he was crying, so I would log on and talk to him right away. This changed everything!! My puppy knows I’m always there, so his separation anxiety is getting better. He cries less, and I feel much more relieved. -Read Reviews-

Fun TREAT TOSSING: TOSS a treat to your dogs via the free Furbo iOS/Android app. Fill up to 30 pieces of your dogs favorite treats & play a game of catch.

720p HD Camera & Night Vision: livestream video to monitor your pet with a 120 wide-angle view, day and night

2-Way Chat & BARKING ALERT: Furbos BARKING SENSOR is MADE FOR DOGS. It sends push notifications to your smartphone when it detects barking. Know whats going on at home and talk to calm them down via the app

Easy 3-Step Setup: 1) plug in to a power outlet using its USB cord 2) download the Furbo app 3) connect to your home wifi

Stable internet connection & Wifi signal are recommended for best performance. If you need help to complete the setup process, please reach out to

My child loves the furbo. He loves the sound it makes when a treat is about to pop out! Very happy with this purchase!!

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