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Fujifilm INSTAX SHARE SP-2 Smart Phone Printer (Silver)

a SP-1 owner, and just got my SP-2, about 2 days ago. did some testing, and comparison between the two. Let me list some of the upgrades of the SP-2upgrades1. Super fast output rate. you can heard the unit is working, while the photo still being uploaded to the printer. the film came out, right after the upload progress bar is completed. (iPhone 6+) like the spec claimed, about 10 seconds. 2. rechargeable batteries, this makes it so much easier. never need to pay for the expensive batteries again. 3. standard micro USB port for charging. You can just plug the usb charging into a power bank, without any special cables. Pretty much you don’t even need the rechargeable batteries at all. You can operate solely off the external power bank via USB cable. Unlike the SP1, you would need to get a special power cable to plug into the usb power bank. 4. Quality/resolution, this one is a bit iffy. I do have to admit the color is richer, and the blacks are actually black now. but I can barely tell the the DPI differences. Yes at some cases, the hair looks a little sharper and clear on the SP2. but you really have to look at it very closely to even see the resolution difference. As for the color, yes it is richer, and black is more black. it all depends if you liked that old a bit washed out film looks (sp1), or the more vivid color (sp2). that’s just personal preference. Overall wise I love the fast speed, battery, and USB charger. as for the image quality wise, I don’t see a huge difference. for the additional $100 over the SP1. I might wait for the price to drop a little before actually doing the upgrade. You can view the image quality comparison with my attached images. I have labeled SP1 and SP2hope that helps everyone to make their decisions. Check it out!

instax SHARE SP-2 lets you print out your best smartphone pictures faster than ever in high quality credit-card sized prints. This next generation instax SHARE SP-2 features a sleek body, gorgeous image quality, improved Wi-Fi connectivity and a refined operation, all in two new gorgeous colors – Silver and Gold – with added texture for classic good looks. The new SHARE SP-2 improves its speed over the original Share SP-1 by printing smoothly and quietly in just 10 seconds compared to 16 seconds in the previous model.

Fujifilm INSTAX SHARE SP-2 Smart Phone Printer (Silver) Review

If you already have the SP-1, no need to buy SP-2. If you don’t have one, and are deciding if you want one, yes, I recommend this little printer for sure. Instead of buying the fujifilm instax camera, I bought the printer for several reasons: 1) I am a perfectionist. That being said, with a negative note, if I use the camera and not being satisfied with the real time films, which happens quite often (imagine you take photos from your phone multiple times), that is such a waste of the films and I know I am not going to keep them or put them on display. The films come with a pack of 10 and they are not so cheap. I understand the excitement of having the instant camera and seeing the photos developed instantly but the disappointment of seeing the not-so-good pictures is greater to me than the excitement. 2) You pick what you want to print out from your phone, reprint them if necessary. With the instant camera, you have no way to save the pictures and reprint them. Having this printer gives me an ease of mind to take photos and pick the best. I purchased the gold one and the color is beautiful. I use this printer with caution because I don’t want to accidentally hit the opening button of the films (the films will be ruined) or hit the "reprint" bottom on the side. Unlike the instant camera, this printer is definitely not for kids to operate. I have been using this printer and here are my tips for you what pictures might be printed with better quality. Keep this in mind that, and you might have known, the color of the pictures is vintage-like. That being said, the pictures will come out color-enhanced and a bit over-exposed. Therefore, you better pick the RAW pictures from your phone. For example, if you use iPhone, there are different filters (tonal, mono, fade, noir etc) for you to choose when you take pictures. Normally I choose "none" for the true color and this is the RAW pictures I am talking about. Don’t get me wrong, if you choose the filters (special colors), they look really nice on your phone. But when you print out from this printer, they either look TOO DARK or TOO BRIGHT because the color was already enhanced from your phone. (See the attached 2 photos, one with filter from my phone and the other the printout came out too dark. ) This also applies to the pictures you take from any photo apps or from Instagram in which you already edited or changed the color in some way. Another example is if your face is already over-exposed from the raw picture (like a hot sunny day at the beach and with no shade), that would not be a good picture to pick to print since your face will come out over-exposed. I also tried one of my wedding photos. It came out a bit blurring because the original one has a "soften" effect. That being said, any previous edited photos will come out too dark, too bright or a bit blurring. Some were not terribly bad but just not as good as I hoped from the original pictures. (Again, I am VERY picky with pictures. ) Obviously, if your original raw pictures are not clear or in low resolution (depending what phone you are taking from), that will also affect the quality of printouts from this printer. Another reminder is after the film is developed, you will see the border lines not being fully developed (with some white lines if you look closely). I suggest do not use any clips on the pictures and do not put them in the album right away. Let them sit a bit longer (usually I let them sit overnight, just to be sure), the white border lines in the picture will disappear eventually. So far I’m having fun with this little printer. I have not experienced any difficulties when operating this little machine except for the wifi connection is on and off due to for the time being that I am picking up which photos to print which may take a while. I suggest you know which photo to pick first, connect to the printer’s wifi, and open the app and choose exact photo you need in case the wifi is disconnected while you’re still choosing your photo. Some people are complaining about the official app. Unfortunately this is the only app that allows you to connect and print from your phone. I do not like any templates from the app but fortunately I only like to print the simple white ones with white borders. The app definitely has a lot to improve upon. The only disappointment for me is actually the black-and-white option. I was excited about this new feature but now not so much. I have not found the black and white pictures come out appealing so far. I give 4 star instead of 5 for this reason. I might need to do more experiment to jump into the conclusion though. Will update later if I find something new. -Read Reviews-

Create instax photos by sending images from smartphones and tablets using the free SHARE app.

High resolution images with print pixels of 800×600 dots and print resolution of 320 dpi to show detailed gradations, facial expressions, characters or objects clearly. Uses 256 levels per color (RGB).

A new laser exposure system achieves a faster printing time of 10 seconds from print data transfer to print output.

Equipped with a rechargeable battery that charges via micro USB port; Available in Silver and Gold.

Please Note: Kindly refer the User Manual especially please refer pages 31 & 32 for better use.

I own a Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 for two years and I love the idea of getting my pictures print out right away. However, the success rate of getting a decent picture is not high. Whether I take the picture myself or ask other people to take it, the pictures just don’t come out quite right. It is either because the exposure is too high/low or I’m too close/far from the camera. The films are so expensive and it’s such a waste. That’s why I decided to get the printer. The printer is amazing! I love how I get to choose the pictures I want to print out. The printer gives it a nostalgic look. I like how I can adjust the brightness, contrast and saturation to give my pictures a different look. I usually set the contrast lower and the brightness higher because the pictures usually print out darker. I posted some pictures I print out using the SP-2 as examples. I would choose the printer over the mini 8. Although the printer is $100+ more, I think throughout the time the films I wasted on mini 8, the printer is a better investment. I hope this helps you making your decision!

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