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Fujifilm Instax Mini Twin Pack Instant Film

My kids have had a ton of fun with their Instax camera. The film is easy to load and we have not experienced any issues with it misfeeding or not developing correctly. It is fun being able to share technology from my childhood with my kids, especially when it actually works! I am giving this product 5 stars because it works perfectly and the price here on Amazon makes it affordable. Highly recommend both the camera and the film for anyone looking for an instant camera. This is definitely a winner! Check it out!

Fujifilm Instant Color Film is an ISO 800 wide picture format integral daylight color film designed for use with Fujifilm instax mini series cameras. This glossy film yields superb results under both daylight and electronic flash conditions. Its improved picture quality and greater ease of use make it ideal for snapshots and portraits. Furthermore, its easy-to-file size makes it an excellent choice for documentary or archival purposes, as well as a wide variety of other applications.

Fujifilm Instax Mini Twin Pack Instant Film Review

The Fujifilm Instax Mini Twin Pack Instant Film contains a total of TWENTY (20) films/exposures for your Instax Mini cameras (90, 8, 50S, 25, 7S). You’ll get two cartridges of ten film/exposures in this twin pack. This film is NOT for the Fujifilm Instax 210, you’ll need the WIDE version of this film. The pricing of these film is slightly higher than traditional shoot-develop-print film, but the “instant” film is increasingly coming back to popularity. Feeling nostalgic over polaroids? These are pretty much the same. Plus would you rather wait seconds for film to develop or drive to a photo studio to have it developed for an hour?Also, don’t forget that there are different number packs of film; a 20-pack, a 50-pack, and a 100-pack. Make sure you know how much your are paying for each single film by using this equation: price of the pack divided by total number of films in the pack (example: 13. 40 divided by 20). The films above are plain white films and the cheapest. If you’re interested on having designs pre-printed on the film there are a few designs like Rainbow,Rilakkuma,Stained Glass,Dalmatian,Shiny Star,Comics, Mickey and Friends, and Pooh. This system is great for parties, outings, and random occasions for all ages!Before everything, please READ THE INSTRUCTIONS if you haven’t yet!Installation is pretty simple and easy. When the counter is zero, just open, remove old cartridge, align with yellow lines, replace cartridge, then shoot! -Read Reviews-

Designed for use with Instax Mini line of cameras

Hi-Speed 800 ISO

Vivid, sharp images

Image Size: 2.13″ x 3.4″

Hi-Speed 800 ISO

Super-Fine grain

Vivid, sharp images

I bought these for my polaroid camera and the pictures turned out beautifully. However, I had taken 8 out of the 10 pictures leaving 2 left, easy math. I was on vacation kayaking on a bay of the Gulf of Mexico at 6:45 in the morning to get a picture of the sunrise. To my surprise I went to take a picture and nothing came out. So I tried to take another picture because it still said I had one left, but nothing came out again. I opened up the camera and film to see if maybe it was just jammed but there was nothing in there. I paid for 10 sheets and only got 8. Not to mention the fact that I risked bringing my camera out on the ocean in a kayak for a picture that never happened. Very upset. Otherwise would have been 5 stars.

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