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Fruit of the Loom Women's Cotton Pullover Sport Bra (Pack of 3)

I do medium/high impact workouts. And good workout bras are EXPENSIVE! One day all my good workout bras were dirty, so I doubled up on these bras. And guess what, with 2 of these bras at the same time (1 camisole & 1 sports bra) – I was just as supported as my good workout bra – for a whole $8!Here is what I have learned. TYPES – There are several types under this one heading. I have both the CAMISOLE type and the SPORTS BRA type. I would NOT call them sports bras, but rather "bralettes" or shelf bras. They feel like cotton and have non-adjustable straps (but the non-adjustability does not seem to be an issue for most people). I bought both in the white, black, grey sets. The sports bra type has ruching, that doesn’t look all that great and doesn’t really add to the bra. But the straps of the sports bra are really cute. The sports bra comes with ONE set of padded inserts that can be moved from one sports bra to the other. Because I always wear a shirt when working out, these inserts are unnecessary, so I am not using them. The set of inserts comes with the sports bra, but NOT with the camisole type. To confirm you are buying the correct type, make sure you click on the color options and look at the accompanying photos so see whether it is the camisole or sports bra type, because the description does not change. SIZING – I am a 34D(or DD) or a 36C/D. And with these bras I wear a 38. It feels snug and appropriately supported. For the bras I bought, the camisole type actually fits a bit more snug and the sports bra type fits a bit looser. Given my sizing and what I have read from the other reviews, here is how I would guess the sizing works:A cup – go actual size. B cup – Sports Bra go actual size, Camisole go up 1 size. C cup – go up 1 size. D cup – go up 1 size for Sports Bra and 2 sizes for Camisole. DD and bigger – go up 2 sizes. But if you are well endowed with a small rib cage (e.g., 32 DD or bigger) then this bra may not work for you, because if you go up more than 2 sizes, the band at the bottom may be too big. (But again, for me with a 34D(or DD) or a 36C/D – a 38 is perfect. )Whew – get all that? 🙂 Again, this is all only a guess – but hopefully my guessing helps a little. Basically the bigger your cup size, the more sizes up you need to go. HOW I WEAR THEM – I use the camisole type when I have a low cut shirt and too much cleavage is a bit inappropriate. Sometimes I wear it alone, or sometimes I wear my bra under it. I also use it alone for low impact sports (I just wore is skiing and it was perfect. ) Or for my high impact workouts I use the sports bra type and the camisole type together – in the same color, and all the straps look pretty cute! Also, because the straps are all in different places, it doesn’t hurt my neck/top of my shoulders like some of my "real" sports bra do – the pressure/weight is spread out if you use the 2 different bra types together. (I have included 3 pictures of my back: a) camisole; b) sports bra and c) both together. )WASHING: make sure to hang dry these bras – but other than that I have had no issue with either the quality or the washing of these bras. The directions say to hand wash and hang dry, but machine washing and hang drying seem to be fine. IN SUM – at $4-5 a bra it is an amazing price point. And for $8-10 to double them up and use them for workouts is awesome! And they are much cuter than my ugly old workout bras. I hope this is helpful to you! Check it out!

Get comfort and support from the brand you trust with the Fruit of the Loom Strappy Women’s Sport Bras, 3-Pack. Made with 2-ply cotton Lycra fabric for coverage and support, this Fruit of the Loom sport bras pack is a smart buy for active women. Whether pursuing your fitness goals or just seeking a comfortable alternative to traditional bras, this 3-pack of strappy cotton sport bras is for you. Designed with a full-coverage crop top neckline, the Fruit of the Loom Strappy Women’s Sport Bras can be flaunted under shirts and tanks for a cool flash of color. The smooth lines of these cotton sport bras make them versatile undergarments for casual wear and workout wear. Available in assorted colors, you can choose the pack that best suits your style. Whether in practical neutrals or trendy pastels, you’ll find the Fruit of the Loom sport bras that are perfect for you. Add the Fruit of the Loom Strappy Women’s Sport Bras, 3-Pack to your wardrobe today.

Fruit of the Loom Women’s Cotton Pullover Sport Bra (Pack of 3) Review

I HATE bra’s. HATE HATE HATE ’em. Never wore them at all during my 20’s. Am now 48 yr. old Mom, A/B cup, & after nursing my baby (16 yrs. ago), + the inevitable effects of time & gravity, I need “support” (uggghh!). These bra’s fit sooo comfortably, smooth, lift, and support just perfectly- along with providing the modesty a Woman of my age *should* present. They’re cool, breathable & absorbant- nearly all-cotton w/ 5% spandex, (double layer cotton stretch fabric in front), launder beautifully (in a mesh bag to protect the straps from entangling w/ other items in white laundry load). Beware, don’t overheat / overdry this bra- Doing so will break down the spandex- And once that goes, the stretch & support are gone, too. The bottom is a thick elastic band encased in cotton- very sturdy, stays in place, doesn’t roll. No side nor top boob spillage. It just snugly holds the girls in place. Fits / looks Just as pictured on model. Straps are not adjustable, they are stretchy. I wear these nearly every single day, year round – straps don’t show under Tank tops, but if a spaghetti strap happens to peek out, it looks so pretty! It really does support beautifully- And at the end of the day, I’m not counting the seconds until I can rip this thing off my rib cage. I only like the White. Even under white or pink cotton Tanks / T’s, this bra looks great! I recently found 5-packs in White & bought a lifetime supply. .. Literally, I bought hundreds! Before that, I could rarely find these in stores for years. I’d buy 3-packs of varied colors just to get 1 White bra. SO happy Fruit of the Loom is again manufacturing / mass marketing this bra. They cost just several $ apiece !!! Stock up while you can :)Note: Medium support for daily wear- Less supportive than a VERY firm support sports-bra. In my opinion, probably best for A / B – C / D cup sizes. (I think that’s what the packaging says too. ) Thx for reading 🙂 -Read Reviews-

95% Cotton, 5% Spandex


Pull On closure

Hand Wash

Three pack of solid full-coverage sport bras featuring spaghetti straps and tag-free labels

One set of pads included

I personally feel that the product is okay. I was swayed by other reviews saying it was supportive enough to putter around the house and sleep in. Since I tried it on I agree that it feels comfortable enough to sleep in. It gave me small amount of pressure to keep the ladies in place and the thin band at the bottom was not obstructive. As someone commented the straps are not adjustable. I wear 36D-DD (depending on brand and material) hence getting a large. I find that these straps were not supportive puttering around the house. Due to the compression going inward the weight of my breasts pull the bra downwards. I tightened the straps doing a little knot on the top. This makes it workable to move comfortably in the house. I wear the one with no knot to sleep in since I’m flat I don’t kneed to fight gravity. In terms of size, as stated, large made the bottom band comfortable. I was short of coverage on the breasts with side-boob-popping syndrome or deep cleavage peek-a-boo depending on which way the breasts are going. Overall, a decent product. If you want a really affordable sleeping bra I would recommend this. Not so much for large breasted women if moving around.

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