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Four: The Son: A Divergent Story Audible – Unabridged Veronica Roth (Author),

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Four: The Son: A Divergent Story Audible – Unabridged Veronica Roth (Author), Review

Another excellent Four short story! Since Four is the number one initiate he gets first career pick. Max approaches him with a leadership training position which Four apprehensively agrees to. In The Son Zeke sets Four up on his first date with a pretty redhead named Nicole. Before you get angry on Tris’s behalf, don’t worry, it was actually pretty comical. He just can’t seem to completely shake his Abnegation values. lol. Four also first learns what really happened to his mother. “You can be more than either, more than any faction. “We get to see Four’s independence in this book. He really is more than just one faction. And he refuses to be a pawn. Well done! -Read Reviews-

If you enjoyed the Divergent Series, and who couldn’t, and you were left wanting more, more, more like I was then this is a definite must read. No question about it, the character Four or Tobias is someone that makes you creave to know more about. This insightful short novel is just one in a spin off series. Four: The Son lets you dive deeper into the character Four from the prospective of Four himself with a focus his life before he has gone through the chosing ceremony and his relationship with his father and fraction of origin. Before reading this novel along with the other three books in this series the reader must read the first book in the Divergent Series or it will spoil a lot of the Divergent Series and I would recommend that you read the entire Divergent Series if possible before reading the Four spin off series. I loved this short novel along with the entire Four series and would urge everyone to read it. The only con of this book is that once again you end up craving more of this outstanding collection so fingers crossed that Veronica Roth will bless us with that.

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