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Four: A Divergent Collection CD (Divergent Series Story) Audio CD – Audiobook, CD, Unabridged by Veronica Roth (Author)

** ABSOLUTELY NO SPOILERS **For those of us, and there are many, that were disappointed with Allegiant (Divergent Series), Veronica Roth’s collection of novellas in Four: A Divergent Collection (Divergent Series) is a kind reminder that the Divergent series was really a good trilogy if only more depth and distinction was delivered from Tobias’ perspective. Each novella is very short, with the entire book totaling about 300 pages. It was a breeze to read through in two sittings. The set of novellas document events that take place both before and during the first Divergent novel and helped me fill in the many gaps left in the story of Tobias’ life. Starting two years before Tris transfers to Dauntless, we are given a new, albeit still limited, perspective of the characters in the original Divergent novel. The first three novellas, The Transfer, The Initiate, and The Son have the most depth and kept me really interested. It gave me a great new vantage point similar to re-reading Divergent through the eyes of a new narrator. In the Transfer, we are immediately entangled in the Dauntless world reminiscent of Tris’ initiation. The books focus on Tobias’ life, his choice to flee, and the emotions that haunted him in doing so. The Traitor brings together the time when Tris’ arrives in Dauntless. This gives the reader, in my opinion, a different understanding and appreciation of Four’s character as told in Divergent. Four: A Divergent Collection is nicely written and uniquely put together as short novellas. However, I am not sure it makes up for the disappointment with how Allegiant ended. And given the interviews from Veronica Roth’s book tour, it looks like the final nail is in the coffin of a series that never adequately concluded. Check it out!

From School Library Journal Gr 7 Up—Giving further voice to Four (Tobias Eaton), this collection of seven short stories provides the backstory of the “Divergent” trilogy and will be a hot commodity thanks to the success of the film Divergent. Fans of the novels are given access to the thoughts and emotions of one of their favorite characters, while also learning more details about secondary characters like Eric, Zeke, and Shauna. Listeners will better understand how Tobias was raised by a tyrannical father and an absent mother and how joining Dauntless was a life-changing decision that catapulted Tobias from a fearful and withdrawn boy to become Four, a strong and confident leader. Two years pass within this collection, from the first story of Four’s initiation into Dauntless until he meets Tris in the final stories. Narrator Aaron Stanford provides a serious and strong voice, which captivates listeners. An excellent addition to existing “Divergent” collections.—Suzanne Dix, The Seven Hills School, Cincinnati, OH

Four: A Divergent Collection CD (Divergent Series Story) Audio CD – Audiobook, CD, Unabridged by Veronica Roth (Author) Review

NOTE: The Kindle version does NOT have Free Four or the “three exclusive scenes” that are apparently included in the print version. Because of this, just buy the books separately. There’s no reason to spend MORE for the collection. I was really looking forward to reading from Four’s POV, because even though Tris may have had a better story, I found Four to be a more compelling character. These novellas were just OK. Not as bad as Allegiant, but not nearly as captivating as Divergent – which I loved. There were some inconsistencies with the main trilogy which was disappointing to see. (Where are the editors?!) The last novella (Traitor) seemed rushed to me. Lots of dialogue, but not nearly as much of Four’s inner monologue as we saw from Tris in Divergent. i would have rather had fewer, well-fleshed out scenes than a bunch of short-takes with little development. After the disaster that was Allegiant and the ham-handed way these novella’s are written, I think I am done with Roth. She can’t seem to write well with a deadline. There is some excellent fanfic out there that is worth your time though. Do a search for “Determinant: One choice changes everything”. That book is a replacement for Allegiant and the author is also doing some stories from Four’s POV which are also very well done. Divergent 5 starsInsurgent 4 starsAllegiant 1 starFour 3 stars -Read Reviews-

I am a huge fan of reading, and I tend to get picky with the books I read. This book is very completing to my Divergent Book collection! I own all Divergent, Insurgent, and Allegiant books so this is the only one I was missing! I loved Four’s perspective as it is very refreshing, and gives an insight to how he perceived everything aside from Tris. The product arrived intact, hardcover as I had ordered, and the smell of new book is just amazing! There were absolutely no scratches or damages to the product and it came in a box, since I ordered a bunch of books, all cushioned, too! Absolutely fantastic ^^

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