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Fortress: The London Symphony Orchestra Performs the Music of Sting

I can remember years ago putting on headphones at a BORDERS music-listening station, and getting my first earfull of this outstanding cd! . …..Darrel Way is a geniuess to have brought this interperatation out of the police’s is really one of the best cd’s that I own, and I never tire of listening to it! moments on this album are so Haunting, and Magestic, that this whole cd has an almost mystical feel to it. …the intro track, "RUSSIANS" is georgeous. ..but then so is " MOON OVER BOURBON STREET" . ….I especially love "WRAPPED AROUND YOUR FINGER" sends chills down anybody’s spine who has the ears to hear. …"INVISIBLE SUN" and "WHY SHOULD I CRY FOR YOU" are just a few of my faves on this wonderful album. ..I would strongly urge any music buff, who grew up in the 80s to definatley check this cd out. …. Check it out!

Sting ~ Fortress: The London Symphony O




Fortress: The London Symphony Orchestra Performs the Music of Sting Review


If you hear this CD you will really understand how rich this music is. I really enjoy it. -Read Reviews-

I don’t remember how I ended up owning this CD, but I can tell you I nearly put it in the trash. My first thoughts when hearing it the first time:- “Sting makes brilliant music on his own. .. why mess with it?”- “Sting and strings? Muzak? I wanna hurl!”Okay, okay. .. I realize that this so far is hardly a ringing 4-star endorsement, and I hope you have both patience and a sense of humor in reading this ;)Here’s the clincher: As mysteriously as this CD ended up in my possession, I decided to also give it another chance or three. I now find it, if not brilliant, at least a delightful, immerseful pleasure. .. a fine adjunct rather than replacement for Sting’s excellent original music. The orchestrations deftly accentuate not only Sting’s oft-unique melodic lines, but more importantly, they maintain much of the same neat chord progressions I’ve enjoyed with his original tunes. Is some of it fluff? Sure, just as some of Sting’s work is occasionally fluffy, too. But the London Symphony does, unsurprisingly, a smashing job (I especially love the horns!) and so while I can’t necessarily urge everyone to go out and buy this album. .. if you have Napster and can listen to it or have other legal methods of access, cue it up and give it a few chances to take hold in your brain 🙂

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