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Forever Gold

This is an excellent 2cd set, and a real bargain. The fact that all tracks have been digitally remastered too is a real plus. Unfortunately though, I suppose because it is a bargain cd, we get no liner notes of any kind. But the music more than makes up for it. Disc 1 tracks are as follows. …"Santana Jam", "Jam in E", "Let’s get ourselves together", "With a little help from my friends", "Travellin Blues", "Jammin Home" and "Everyday I have the Blues". Disc 2 tracks are. .."Jin-Go-Lo-Ba (Jingo)", "Persuasion", "La Puesta De Sol", El Corazon Manda" and "As the years go by". Because there are no liner notes, I have no idea when they were recorded, but seeing as it is Santana, and the songs are great, and the sound quality is also great, and the price is right, then all Santana fans should own this. Check it out!

10 tracks including 1. Soul Sacrifice 2. Persuasion 3. Puesta del Sol, La 4. Acapulco Sunrise 5. Every Day I Have the Blues 6. Coconut Grove 7. As the Years Go By 8. Jin-Go-Lo-Ba 9. Fried Neck Bones and Some Homefries 10. Latin Tropical




Forever Gold Review


Made in CAN in 1999, Serial# FGD-58142, Playing Time 69:00I know of 3 different versions with the same title: this one, another version with 8 different tracks, and a 2-disc set; basically, enough to drive the collectors crazy. The music on this disc has been released at least 20 times (no kidding!) on various labels under various album names. It was recorded prior to their first album, and has a "jam" feel to it. The versions here were recorded in the studio, so the sound quality and instrument balance are good. The disc contains some instrumental tracks, which showcase the talent of these performers. Check your record collection before buying this, particularly the discs on small record companies. This material is "unofficial", and hasn’t been published by Sony or BMG. -Read Reviews-

I would like to start this review by saying I recommend you buy every Santana album. They are all excellent, and they never will collect dust in your music collection. I listen to many bands, I am a music fan, I buy many CD’s, but some bands stand out above the rest. Santana is one of them. From his 60’s CD’s, to his 70’s, to his 80’s, to his newest: Supernatural, every CD Carlos Santana has produced is great music. Forever Gold is another great one. Not one of my favorites, but still great. No flaws in my opinion. O.K., I might have exaggerated when I said "Buy every one". I bought them all throughout the years, and some I have from my grandparents, since I am too young for the 60’s and 70’s. But, I recommend buying Santana, Santana 3, Viva Santana, and Tropical Spirits. Also, Amigos and Abraxas. The Box Set Dance Of The Rainbow Parrot, Forever Gold, and The Best Of Santana are all Greatest Hits CD’s.

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