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Flora & Fauna BBA3 Secret Garden Birdbath

When my friends down at the town water fountain told me aboutt this new-fangled contraption, I was beside myself. Finally, my wife and kids could be clean along with myself! But oh, was I in for a shock. For one thing, the design of this thing is very backward. I mean, I’m quite a manly Blue Jay, and I have much trouble keeping my balance on it. It’s actually quite flimsy, and you can kind of see that from the picture. Added to that, my wife and I fit just fine on it, but our kids have to stay in the nest, and with all those cats snooping around, that’s never a good idea. Oh well, I guess that’s why God gave us that wonderful Peritonitis! Conversely, there are some good things about this bath. It’s very new age-ish. And the interestingly shaped support is great for my completely random desires to sharpen my beak or cause a general ruckus around the neighborhood. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll now head back to spreading disease among helpless children! Check it out!

Birds of all kinds love to bathe and what a wonderful place to do so in this traditional, original secret garden birdbath! Made of 100% recycled cast aluminum, this piece will never rust and won’t crack or break. Finished in bronze with patina inside the bowl, birds from a far will enjoy bathing in your backyard.




Flora & Fauna BBA3 Secret Garden Birdbath Review


I own several birdbaths, (all from Flora & Fauna). This is a truly sweet birdbath!! The stakes really hold it sturdy. The birds seem to flock to it!!! -Read Reviews-

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Bird friendly, slopes to a maximum depth of just 2 inches

Birdbath or birdfeeder; use either way

Roots into the ground with 3 12-inch steel stakes will not topple

Rust proof and freeze proof

Measures 16 by 16 by 26 inches

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