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Occasionally you come across a book that goes so deep, it stuns you. This was one of those stories. Without giving away too much, the basic storyline goes something like this: Julie is a newly minted college student who arrives in Boston and due to an unfortunate turn of events involving craigslist and a burrito joint, finds herself homeless. But not to worry, her mother calls her and tells her she can stay temporarily with the family of an old college friend until she finds an apartment. Or so she thinks. As she proceeds, in vain, to find a suitable apartment, she begins to get to know the family, becomes comfortable with them and settles in, eventually learning their strange eccentricities and falling in love with them. The more and more the inexplicable oddities pile up, however, she becomes suspicious that all is not well, until the big revelation at the end (not going to give it away). I have to say I knew what was really happening one-fourth of the way into the book, but I still didn’t know the details about the older brother and regardless, loved the ending. There’s a reason this book is called Flat Out Love. Because despite the precariousness of our human condition, the shallowness of our sanity, and the fragility of our minds, love (flat out love) is the only thing that can heal our emotional wounds and bring us back to that level that we call sane or “normal”, however elusive or ethereal that is. Flat Out Love is an exploration into the human psyche, how it behaves in extreme circumstances, and how it heals itself with this beautiful thing called love. So, although terribly cliched and used by way too many readers, I’m going to say it, too. I flat out loved this book. Buy it. Read it. You will flat out love it, too!My hat goes off to you, Jessica Park! What a terrific book! Check it out!

Review “Flat-Out Love is the first book in a long, long time that has touched me this deeply.”—Book & A Latte”It made me feel emotions I thought my black heart wouldn’t allow.”—See K Read”This book was so outrageously good. It has surpassed–dare I say it?–my deeply beloved Nicholas Sparks.”—Just Another Book Addict”…This is The Best Book I Have Ever Read…I have read a lot of books but none like this one. It made me laugh until I nearly cried. It’s funny, sad, romantic and just simply fantastic…”ComaCalm’s Corner”Within the first chapter, I laughed out loud no less than four times. The characters were well-rounded, and strong while still vulnerable…Flat Out Love is a shining example of romance in the internet age…”–Random Musings"I loved it so much that I’m already considering how long to wait before re-reading it. The romance in this one is amazing because it’s a slow building, feel-it-in-your-stomach kind of love."—Book Labyrinth –This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

Flat-Out Love Audio CD – Audiobook, CD, Unabridged by Jessica Park (Author) Review

Im going to try very hard not to be all gushy and a flat out girl. Even though, it is what I am. Sorry folks, cant argue with biology. Flat-Out Love was a book that was recommended to me by my Kindle Paper White the day I received it in the mail. I checked it out and after deciding that it was a good gamble I bought it. Needless to say, I do not regret my decision. I absolutely fell in love with Jessica Parks unique, witty, and quirky writing style. Its a fresh and new read that will have readers fully engaged and enthralled until the last page. After Julie Seagle finds herself apartment-less in Boston, her mother, Kate, comes to the rescue. Kate contacts an old friend from college who resides in Boston and has her daughter there faster than you can say Nietzsche Is My Homeboy. Cue in incredibly smart, techy, cute, and sweet Matthew Watkins. Its in that moment that Julies life becomes interwoven with the Watkins. She never expected to get close to them. Never expected to think of them and their house as home. And she most certainly did not expect to fall in love with Finn Watkins, the older son who she has never met but knows fully like shes never known another boy before. Theres a secret surrounding Celeste and what happened to her. Celeste is the youngest daughter in the family. Shes rather quirky and very mature for her age. From the moment that she walks into the Wakins home there is some mystery surrounding Celeste. Everyone seems to be walking on egg shells around her and oddly go around with her protective nature over Flat Finn a life size cut out of her older brother. You see, Finn is traveling the world and Flat Finn is a way for Celeste to deal with her brother being away. Of course, there is something more. The secret itself broke my heart because I didnt see it coming whatsoever. I had my own theory, but I was very wrong. I mean how could I think that Matt had some sort of personality disorder? I am the worst at coming up with theories. But Im getting way ahead of myself here. Lets talk characters. I loved Julie Seagle, she reminded me of my best friend Anna with her witty facebook status and how just. intellectual she was. Julie is passionate, funny, and witty. I loved her bantering with Matt. It just made me gush like a crazed teenage girl. Also, Julie was very relatable to me as a person because she was around my age. Shes just starting college and with that comes her journey on unknown territory, trying to navigate her way around school, friends, and matters of the heart. Moving on to Celeste Watkins, who is a central character to the story. Shes a fragile young girl, trying to figure out who she is, trying to be a normal teenager. Her journey of self-discovery and healing is one that I will remember for a long time. Then there are the novels two love interests, Matt and Finn. *sigh* Can I just have them? I meaneither one will do. Up first is Matt. I just loved how Matt was so brainy, techy, and sweet. Hes very protective of Celeste and loves her so much. Its an admirable quality in a boy. And I think its just the sweetest thing ever. Hes also very brokenand I didnt realize this until the very end when there is a scene where everything just falls apart and I just wanted to hug him close to me and tell him that everything would be okay, that I loved him. See what I mean! This book. *sigh*Next is Finn *cue in loving sigh* who is just so dreamy. Hes that boy who weve never met in person but fall in love with because of his personality. Or that boy youve been writing love letters to but dont know who he is. Have any of you experienced that sort of thing? I have andit can be so sweet at first and then shattering. Because you realize it just cant work. Which is what happens in the novel but on a whole different level. Like I said, my heart was completely broken and I was trying to stifle my heart breaking cries at 2 in the morning! I didnt want to wake up anyone with my blubbering whale noises. Lastly, Mr. and Mrs. Watkins play a vital part in the novel becausewell, they are never around. Which arises a few questions in how it affects Celeste and Matt. All the members of the Watkins family are emotionally scrambled. Theyve lost who they were because of something that happened, something that emotionally unhinged them all. There are of course other characters like Kate Seagle, Dana, Seth, and Mr. Seagle who play an integral part to the story and Julies life. Her relationship with her father is jarring and tugged at my heart strings. I cant fully express how much I loved this story! Indie books are a hit or miss in my opinion. Sometimes you come across really horrible ones that just make you lose your faith in self-publishing. But then there are others that are beautiful and utterly amazing. Flat-Out Love is one of those books. I recommend it to anyone, both young adult and adults. Its witty, uniquely crafted, mysterious, humorous, devastating, dipped in social media, and wildly addicting. You just cant go wrong. -Read Reviews-

FLAT-OUT LOVE is currently being touted by Amazon as an example of their self-publishing program. Apparently some people find this offensive. I’d urge you to separate the book from the company, however. There’s no reason to penalize either this book or the author for Amazon’s advertising choices. The fact is that FLAT-OUT LOVE is an original and charming story that is every bit as good as the genre fiction being produced by the Big Six. FLAT-OUT LOVE is not a complex work, but a heartfelt one and a creative one. The protagonist, Julie, is very likeable and her development as a young adult is charming. Unlike many works that are tagged as YA, this book is about imperfect people, not just those who struggle only because they are missing a parent or money. Julie and the family she attaches to during her freshman year in college are nerdy, maladjusted, disturbed, and genuinely loveable. Their journey through their tragedy and towards healing is genuine and heartrending. Tears are a given during the last quarter of the novel, but it’s worth it, because these characters deserve to happy, and you’re willing to endure their pain in order to get to the payoff. If you’re looking for literary fiction, this isn’t the book for you. This isn’t a beautiful medley of words and images. FLAT-OUT LOVE is genre fiction, and the storyline and interactions between the characters are the point. That isn’t to say that the writing here is poor, it is as good as the majority of genre fiction, but the point is the story, and the story is a great one. If you’re interested in something with a similar feel that has magnificent writing as well as a fascinating story, check out David Eggers A HEARTBREAKING WORK OF STAGGERING GENIUS, which is classified as non-fiction but reads like fiction and lives up to every word in its title. However, if you want to take a couple of days to read something that busts the formulaic mold of most YA and romantic fiction and is funny as well as heart-wrenching, then take a look at FLAT-OUT LOVE. Personally, I’m very glad that Jessica Park decided to self-publish her novel, she’s a solid writer and a talented story-teller who is well-worth the read.

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