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Flamenco Y Rosas

Great Guitar! Enjoy the classics, Besame Mucho, Malaguena, Maria Elena. Could use more accompaniment by other instruments to differentiatethe individual melodies, i.e., castanets to accentuate the flamenco attitude. Check it out!

Product Description Flamenco y Rosas is a collection of Flamenco Guitar solos combined with the best loved Latin and Spanish songs. Esteban’s deep love of Spanish guitar can be felt in each rendition of this beautiful sensitive heartfelt recording. Esteban’s artistry incorporates a range from sof arpeggios to pulsating rhythms. This is the artistry of a master of the guitar in it’s purest form. The album’s Latin and Spanish selections have a full five piece band. About the Artist Esteban is the most successful independent guitarist today. He owns his own label, has generated 9 CD’s and a 90 minute video, appeared on QVC and performed live at the Arizona Diamondbacks opening game! Esteban is one of the few guitarists alive to carry the coveted endorsement of his mentor, the legendary Andres Segovia. Esteban has sold over 2 million albums worldwide and performs 300 concerts a year. Band members: Esteban (Guitar) Robert Brock (Piano) Gary Gillespie (Bass) Jesse McGuire (Trumpet) Joe Morris(Drums)




Flamenco Y Rosas Review


Great guitar with Spanish notes. Nice variety of tunes. -Read Reviews-

Enjoyable listing and/or background music.

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