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Fitbit Charge 2 Band, UMTELE Milanese Loop Stainless Steel Metal Bracelet Strap with Unique Magnet Lock, No Buckle Needed for Fitbit Charge 2 HR Fitness Tracker

NOTE: After owning the band for about a week, I have updated my review with my findings from a 5/5 to 4/5. Color: I purchased the silver version of the band to pair with my standard silver FitBit Charge 2. The shade of the band clips does match pretty well. However, the finish of the clips is more of a brush-metal, while the FitBit is more of a matte finish. This texture difference can’t really be seen during normal wear, so I find it to be irrelevant. The finish of the mesh strap portion has a nice, eye-catching, glisten-y appearance, which I really like. Attachments to FitBit: The clips on both ends of the strap slide easily into place on the FitBit face. The hold feels very sturdy and is centered. From my photos, you can see that the sides are perfectly flush with the watch. All components of the attachments appear to be made of metal, so while it does add weight, the overall feel of the band feels very sturdy (see photo). I do want to note that there were some VERY minor blemishes on the faces of the clips, but they’re so light that they can only really be seen when viewing under a light (don’t even really show up in my photos). These blemishes look like nicks that would happen after a day or two of wear, so I don’t think it warrants exchanging for a new one. Attachments between clips and mesh strap: The mesh strap originates directly from the clip on one and, and loops through the clip on the other. I’ve seen some other versions of milanese straps where there is an additional joint between the clip and the mesh portion, but I purchased this strap from UMTELE because they advertised that theirs did not have a connector. While I’ve never seen or worn a milanese strap with the connector portion, I do like the sturdiness of this band. One less joint where something can break. Size: I purchased the large size, meant for 6. 5-9" wrists. My wrist measures 7" around, and I find the strap to be of adequate length in either direction (amount of excess strap can be seen in photos). Magnet: The hold of the magnet is extremely strong, enough to where I don’t see the watch sliding and becoming loose during everyday wear. The magnet hasn’t seemed to really loosen during moderate activity. It does loosen when I shake my arm VIGOROUSLY, but I can’t see myself ever shaking my arms like that during any of my normal daily exercise (jogging, weightlifting). There is no designs or logo on the outward face of the magnet end. The outer face of the magnet IS still magnetized, so if your arm happens to brush past metal objects it will stick. I haven’t had any problems so far with this causing the band to loosen or open. —–UPDATE 12/9/16:Comfort: Directions for the FitBit state that it should be worn 1 finger width above the wrist (and 2-3 finger widths above during exercise). I have noticed some loosening of the band during normal wear, causing the FitBit to slide down over my wrist. In order to keep the FitBit from sliding down my arm, I’ve had to tighten the milanese band fairly tight–tighter than my liking. Also, the mesh portion of the strap has snagged and irritated my skin a few times. Not to the point where I’ve gotten any rash or skin reaction, but just irritated enough to cause me to itch and adjust. This milanese strap is much less bulky than the silicone band that comes standard with the FitBit Charge 2. It does seem to weigh a bit more, but it doesn’t bother me, and adds a reassuring sturdy feeling to the band. The magnet has pulled on my arm hair a few times with putting on/adjusting, but that’s not the band’s fault. I just need to be more careful. It also seems to breathe better than the silicone strap. (Although, I have not yet done any strenuous, sweat-inducing exercise with this band. While I don’t foresee any issues with breathing or comfort during exercise, I will update this review if something comes up. )Conclusion: I chose to purchase UMTELE’s version of the milanese strap because of the lack of additional connectors within the band. So far I have no regrets. This mesh strap has met if not exceeded all of my expectations. While I find nothing wrong with the look of my black silicone strap, I do like the formal, classy look that this silver milanese strap brings to my FitBit. So while I can’t necessarily say that UMTELE’s strap is BETTER than the others I’ve seen here on Amazon, I can say that the esthetics, comfort, and make of this version was worth the money. —–UPDATE 12/19/16:I still believe that esthetically, this band is by far superior to the standard FitBit band. However, wearing the band is a constant battle between keeping the band from sliding down and it being uncomfortably tight. This is not my first time owning a watch with a milanese strap. I also own an Apple Watch with a milanese strap, and I had no problem with it. However, the Apple Watch does not need to be held in position above my wrist, so I could wear the milanese band more loose and comfortable. I have noticed that the FitBit still appears to detect my heart rate even when slid down past my wrist, so my gripe with the milanese band not keeping the FitBit in place above may be irrelevant. If allowing the FitBit to rest below your wrist doesn’t bother you, then please ignore what I said. Also, due to this inability to keep my FitBit in place, I haven’t even tried using the milanese strap at all during exercise. I’ve been switching my band back to the standard black FitBit band, so I can’t comment on how this band wears during physical activity. This will probably extend the lifetime of my beautiful silver milanese strap, so I don’t mind. Check it out!

Beautiful Youth, Elegant Bloom.CNC Precision ConnectorEasy to lock into your fitbit charge 2 watch and one button removal. You can swap easily back and forth with different color or other fitbit charge 2 watch band  Unique Strong Magnet Clasp DesignTop mesh loop with durable adapters, very comfortable to wear and easy to install. Strong magnetic clasp, convenient for you to adjust the sizeLiving scene of common day

Fitbit Charge 2 Band, UMTELE Milanese Loop Stainless Steel Metal Bracelet Strap with Unique Magnet Lock, No Buckle Needed for Fitbit Charge 2 HR Fitness Tracker Review

The band is so much better than the one that comes with the fitbit and is very easy to secure and remove. It fits well, looks nice, and is easy to clean. That being said: you will never be more painfully aware of how many things in this world are magnetized. Random hardware, travel mugs, your appliances, some pens, paperclips, staples, certain cooking utensils and baking pans, steel doors, keyrings, office furniture. ..Most of these things will not cause the band to slip, but you will notice a "catch" or "snag" feeling. Still, it’s a very nice band! -Read Reviews-

Unique magnet clasp design, no buckle needed, just easily stick and lock your watch band, fits wrist length Small 5.25″ – 6.5″ Large 6.5″ – 9″

Top woven stainless steel mesh loop with adjustable strong magnetic closure, very comfortable to wear and easy to install.

Strong magnetic clasp, convenient for you to adjust the size; Ensure your watch in steady and secure, no problem for most sports.

Simple and fluent curves makes your smart watch looks more fashionable and decent, available for both men and women.

One year warranty, Order With Confidence. If you have any problems whatsoever with your purchase, simply contact us and we will take care of it.

The band is very high quality, and stays put. It is extremely comfortable, and I don’t even notice I am wearing it. The clasp is such that there is no chance of pinching, or catching on clothing. I will warn you- if your wrist is over 6 1/2 inches, I would go up to the large. There is no worry about the problem of having too much extra band like you would with a traditional watch band. Why? The band loops on one end and then comes back and lays flat to magnetically lock it in place. (see photos) Therefore, if you get the small, you will have a tough time- 1) squeezing it over your wrist to get it off for showers 2) the larger size is easier to work with when attaching the charger. I think it is quite safe to add one inch to your wrist size and follow my amended sizing chart (accounts for knuckles). You can’t really go wrong, as you can see from the photo, you will just get a bit more overlap. Example: My wrist measures 7". The small is 5. 1" to 8. 7". 8. 7" is the absolute largest this band can be. .. which means you could never get it over your knuckles to put on your wrist if you have a wrist that is much larger then 7. 25". It is a tight fit getting it on and off. Therefore, if you wrist is larger than 6. 75", I suggest you go to the large. I am going to order the large, which is 6. 3" to 9. 8". The realistic measurement should be as follows:Small 5. 25" – 6. 5"Large 6. 5" – 9"

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