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Fisher Price Sesame Street: Tub Wind-Ups Ernie's Speedboat

We bought this for my son because he loves Sesame Street and thought it would be a fun moving toy. As the previous comment mentions, it hardly moves. It falls over and sinks easily. The most fun my son has with it is watching the propellor spin when it is outside of the water. When it is in the water, it moves so slowly that I don’t even think he realizes it is moving at all. Check it out!

Product description Your Sesame Street pal, Ernie, is ready for a high-speed cruise in his speedboat. You can play with Ernie in the bathtub or the pool. Action features include an easy-to-wind propeller and an engine that bobs up and down. Anchors aweigh! Appropriately clad in a life vest and goggles, Ernie is ready to navigate his speedboat across any bathtub. The plastic boat measures 5 inches long and is motorized by a wind-up propeller at the rear of the boat. When the propeller is wound, Ernie’s craft moves across the water and the engine bobs up and down. When tested, Ernie’s boat sped across the bathtub, making necessary turn adjustments when the boat hit the side of the tub. After the initial launch, part of the boat filled with water, which caused it to slow down. However, this did not affect the interest level of the 9-month-old tester, who constantly reached for the fascinating plastic boat. –Lauren Bernard




Fisher Price Sesame Street: Tub Wind-Ups Ernie’s Speedboat Review


We got this as a gift for our 16 month old. It was her first “moving” bath toy. It doesn’t work at all. You wind it up, and it doesn’t go anywhere. It falls over on it’s side and takes on water. We threw it away. Don’t waste your money. -Read Reviews-

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My 18 month old son loves Ernie, and I was so happy when I purchased this toy. I was a little disappointed because it does not do what it is supposed to do. When the toy is in the the tub, it just tips over. The propeller on the back is very loud, and I get nervous when my son winds it up.

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