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Fisher-Price Little People Music Parade Ride-On

Awesome product. Exactly what i was looking for. My 1 and only complaint is that it is slightly smaller than what i expected. It works perfect though bc my 1 year old daughter fits fine on it. I even allow my 3 year old, who is close to 50lbs, ride on it. He fits, but its slightly squishy for him. The sounds are not over bearing or annoying. We have played both inside and outside with it. I would recommend this product! Check it out!

So much music! So much fun! Touch the keyboard to hear any of the 5 marching tunes, or switch to play mode to create your own music by pressing on musical instruments. Then press on the trumpet or drum to add to the fun! C’mon the parade is about to begin! Includes 5 different marching tunes. Plus engine start and revving sounds. Under the seat storage is also included.

Fisher-Price Little People Music Parade Ride-On Review

The sound on this toy is extremely loud and there is no off switch. We had to place a piece of tape over the speaker so it wasn’t as deafening. -Read Reviews-

žFun instrument sounds include trumpet, drums, saxophone and tuba

žUse the keyboard to compose your own tune

žPlays 5 different marching tunes

We got this for our daughter for Christmas. It’s pretty much exactly as it seems. A little riding toy for toddlers with musical buttons, a revving key to turn, and melody horn. The sit opens for storage, which is now our daughter’s secret storage. The steering wheel does turn the wheels but not dramatically. Our daughter is about 33/34 inches and it seems this might be a touch small for her but she doesn’t mind and happily hops on and scoots forward, backwards, gets ‘stuck’ all the time. Our only issue is it is kind of loud and there is no volume control.

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