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Fisch BTM99-44252 3/4 Horsepower Bench Mortiser

Just received my Fisch Bench Top Mortiser and found the product to exceed my expectations. I had borrowed a Delta bench top but find this one is sturdier and easier to handle. I have not had a problem with the spring loaded fence or work hold down. Both seem to be working great. I did have a broken plastic chuck cover and the company is shipping a new one out immediately. Customer service appears to be top notch. Check it out!

From the Manufacturer BTM99-44252 Bench Top Mortiser-3/4 hp motor, most powerful in class-for more stability, machine has double column construction-head rides on 4 brass bushings (2 on each column) for smoother vertical motion. Compression spring aids in extracting bit from mortised wood. Micro-adjustable fence allows you to fine tune the fence to an exact parallel to the mortise chisel. Special lock down brings fence to parallel after each readjustment. Depth is controlled by a positive stop on a flat on the column. A top stop is included to limit the vertical head movement to the depth of cut in the wood. The arm is adjustable for each operator’s comfort. Four brass cap screws in the head can be adjusted to keep an exact perpendicular even after years of use. Three high quality chisels and bits (1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″) are included with each purchase, a $40.00 extra value. 2 Year Warranty




Fisch BTM99-44252 3/4 Horsepower Bench Mortiser Review


I bought this partly due to a positive review on Amazon and also due to various magazine reviews that seemed positive (including one on the Fisch web site). The quality of the machine overall isnt much better than the one you can buy from Harbor Freight. The fence is loose no matter how much you tighten the stop. The fence fine adjustment feature is hard to use since the knob is on the back of the machine. The stock hold down yoke is not very useful. The machine has some minor damage (one of the brass riser adjustment screws is bent) due to shipping. I have only used it for some test runs and one of the plastic chuck access doors is already broken. Overall quality is not impressive. If you are in the market – get the newer Delta model. It has a much larger base and better chuck access with a steel wrap around door. It also has a better fence adjust that is accessible from the side. Its much more substantial and in the same price range. One thing I do like better on the Fisch is the spring return. It is easier to retract the bit on the Fisch. I only chose to keep it because I got it at a substantial discount. If I had paid full price – I would have sent it back for sure. .. -Read Reviews-

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Now has more powerful 3/4 hp motor @ 1724 RPM

5″ head stroke with 1/2″ chisel capacity

Oversized gears for smooth operation and longer life

Twin columns for improved stability and accuracy

Two-year warranty

I have used a drill press type mortiser for years. I am getting calls for Mission style furniture and the hastle of putting all the pieces of the mortiser on the drill press made me want a dedicated moritser. I have tried two of the top name mortisers and did not like either one so I returned them, eating the return postage. I now own a Fisch mortiser and it is almost a pleasure to use. The hard part of using a mortiser is not drilling the hole, it is pulling the chisel out of the hole. This machine has a spring to help here. It also means the handle returns to the top of the stroke each time but I made a little block to fit in the space between the twin colums to limit the return position closer to the work. The machine also has an adjustable fence. Because of the length of the chisel bit combination the mortiser is limited to a depth of under 4 inches. If you need to make a through mortise on a large piece you can adjust the fence so you drill 1/2 way, then turn the work over and drill the rest of the way on the other side. This machine is a keeper for me. Don’t let the made in China fool you this is one quality machine.

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