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Finish Jet-Dry Dishwasher Rinse Aid Agent, 80 washes, 8.45 oz (Pack of 4), Removes Spots, Glass Protection

I used to think that products like this were a waste of time and money. .. until that is I went and bought a Bosch SPX68U55UC 18" 800 Series Dishwasher. Installing a high-quality piece of equipment like that impresses you. .. and makes you take notice when they recommend products like Finish Jet-Dry and Finish Powder Detergent. Bosch also recommends their own packages of dishwasher salt, but I chose to buy Whirlpool W10320829 Dishwasher Salt which can be purchased quite cheaply if you are willing to shop around and buy five 2-pound packages and incur a low shipping charge. These three products— the Jet-Dry, the powder detergent, and the salt work in concert to clean your dishes and leave them spotless. The best news for me was the fact that the Bosch dishwasher allows one to program the machine to dispense the Jet-Dry and the salt to whatever quantity you choose. The big advantage of detergent POWDER is that you can also dispense as much or as little as you wish—depending on the work the machine has to do. Being a frugal person (cheap tightwad) I started out by programming the Bosch to dispense the absolute minimum amount of Jet-Dry and the minimum amount of salt. Even at these minimum settings, my dishes and glasses were coming out of the dishwasher absolutely clean and spotless! My Bosch dishwasher turns on small indicator lights that signal when the Jet-Dry or salt need to be refilled. At the low rate I was dispensing these products, those lights did not come on for many months. I am left with the feeling that the supplies for this dishwasher are actually quite low in cost—because they last so long. Bottom line: a TINY bit of Finish Jet-Dry LIQUID works wonders. If your machine can meter out the liquid, go that route. You will be saving much more money that way— than you would if you used one of the Finish Jet-Dry in solid form baskets which dispense themselves by the water splashing on them. Check it out!

Experience shiny dishes and spot and film protection (vs. dishwasher detergent alone) with our Finish Jet Dry Dishwasher Rinse Aid. It works with your dishwashing detergent to rinse away stubborn leftover food, spots, and film for sparkling dishes, glasses and utensils.

Finish Jet-Dry Dishwasher Rinse Aid Agent, 80 washes, 8.45 oz (Pack of 4), Removes Spots, Glass Protection Review

Seems to make dishes noticeably more clear and streak free, particularly glassware – my Bosch dishwasher came with a sample pack and recommends using this product 24/7. However, this bottle is a pain to use and needs a ventilated cap. The bottle always seems to have trouble pouring without spilling, much like the effect when trying to empty a full gallon milk jug when holding upside down. Either way, using subscribe and save provides great value for this product, which definitely helps with cleaner, more clear dishes. -Read Reviews-

Great dishwasher rinse aid. I have used other rinse aids like Cascade, but Finish seems to work better for my dishwasher. I can definitely tell how well it works because when I am out, my dishes come out dingy and cloudy. I have iron in my water and eventually all my dishes get an orange tint to them from the iron. Finish Jet-Dry helps remarkably in keeping my dishes looking brand new. When I add the rind aid to my dishwasher, I notice instantly how clean my dishes look again. Amazon, by far, has the best price for this. I have looked at many stores and nobody compares to Amazon.

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