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Filter Paper, Qualitative, Medium, 11cm

I received the "Lab Nerd" brand filter papers. They work reasonably well, as I would expect, with a 13 cm Buchner funnel. I primarily use these for filtering coffee, but I might try the fast flow next time. Check it out!

This qualitative filter paper has a diameter of 11cm and retains medium sized particles. Our qualitative filters average .15% ash content. Our filter paper is produced in circles and sized by diameter. Each pack contains 100 filters. Quantitative filters are used when you are generally concerned about what is left on the filter. Qualitative filters are used for both collecting a precipitate or solid and removing unwanted substance from your filtrate that passes through the filter, but not as concerned about he quantity of substance that remains on the filter. Sold in packs.. These are new and unused.

Filter Paper, Qualitative, Medium, 11cm Review

These things are not strong by any measure, and will almost certainly tear if one attempts to move the filters while they’re wet. However, left undisturbed, and not put under too much stress, they filter whatever needs filtering very well. -Read Reviews-

doesn’t rip under ~28-29Hg with wet load. can’t find any complaints especially considering what it costs. Brand may vary, ordered a few in different flow rates and got "lab nerd" brand and "double rings" brand.

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