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Fiesta 10-1/2-Inch Dinner Plate, Black

I just started a fiesta collection now that we are empty nesters. …and I am finally getting the dinnerware I have wanted since I was a little girl and loved choosing colors and eating from my aunt’s fiesta ware. I am mixing and not matching and it’s like having a rainbow in my cupboard. I almost wish I did not have cabinet doors. I hope the novelty never wears off. ..I smile no matter what color I grab off the top; they are all beautiful. Delivered quickly, wrapped securely for safe shipping. The Scarlet is one of my favorite colors, with cobalt and wheatgrass close seconds. Check it out!

Product Description Fiesta 10-1/2-Inch Dinner Plate manufactured by The Homer Laughlin China Company. America’s largest domestic producer of dinnerware, and the sole manufacturer of all Fiesta dinnerware. All Fiesta pieces are Microwave safe, Oven-proof, Dishwasher safe, Freezerproof, Lead-Free, and Made in America with the implementation of many green practices. The very durable glaze is great for everyday use. Fiesta as a pattern has stood the test of time, and is typically passed down from one generation to the next. We have kept the pattern constant through the years so that you can count on us to be here when you decide to expand or change your collection. New pieces and colors are added every so often to keep things interesting. Currently, Fiesta is the most collected dinnerware in America. First introduced in 1936 by the Homer Laughlin China Company and reissued in 1986 to mark the 50th anniversary of the line, colorful Fiestaware has been a collectable dinnerware favorite for generations. While original Fiestaware can fetch prices as high as $6,000 for a rare piece in a rare color, new Fiestaware is affordable, features the same great styling as the originals, and, unlike older pieces, has a 100 percent lead-free glaze. With the signature Fiestaware concentric rings around the plate rim and a shiny black color, these plates complement Fiestaware dinnerware and accessories in black or other colors. The glaze is nonporous and durable, but some stainless-steel flatware may leave marks on the plates. These marks can be removed with a nonabrasive cleanser. –Emily Wolf




Fiesta 10-1/2-Inch Dinner Plate, Black Review


First off, I really like these plates BUT the glossy surface show scratches very easily. I intended them to be for everyday use but they will be real scratched up soon. I’m sure the color has a LOT to do with it (cobalt), I should have bought a different color, such as white. I think it would be safe to assume that any dark color will show scratches quite easily on about any brand of nicely glazed plate. These are really heavy plates and hold the heat and the cold of food well. I don’t consider them as delicate as easy to chip, but just stacking them on top of each other will very noticeably scratch them. -Read Reviews-

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Made in the USA

Vitrified Ceramic body

Lead-Free glaze

Dishwasher, Microwave and Oven safe

5-year chip resistance warranty

WARNING – lots of broken dishes and multiple orders to finally get our full set. We registered for these dishes for our wedding, so we got some here, some there and ended buying the last of it on our own. It took multiple orders to finally complete the set. So many of them arrived broken. Box was in perfect condition, but the packing job was not good to down right horrible. The box in the photo contained 4 or 5 pieces (bowls and plates), yet the box had very little cushion and was over 1/2 the length of my couch. WTH?!!!!!That being said, we love to dishes. Timeless, classic, heavy, made in America (yay – no lead risk!). .. we are really glad we chose to go with Fiestaware.

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