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FI9803P Plug and Play 1.0 Megapixel (1280x720p) H.264 Outdoor Wireless IP Camera

Simple install, mounted easily on the wall, and excellent picture. WAY better model than the FI8905W I first tried which couldn’t be mounted on the mount it comes with, and that camera failed within 90 mins. This model however is 100% better! My only issue has nothing to do with the camera and everything to do with where I mounted it. At night bugs that gather around a nearby light were triggering the recording software, but some tweaks in the software fixed that. Excellent camera for the money. UPDATE: It has been 6 months now. The camera is still working, however, I am running into issues with the wifi signal dropping off occasionally. I suspect the wifi radio in this thing is starting to fail as I have other wifi cameras that are fine so my network infrastructure is not the issue. I am going to run a Cat5 cable to it and be done with the Wifi completely with this camera. I had two other Foscam cameras do the same thing. Since you have to run a power wire to these cameras, the wireless feature really is not of that much value as you still have to wind up crawling around in an attic to run a wire. You get a more reliable signal using a Cat5 cable. I have since found other cameras on Amazon that do not have Wifi functionality and cost half as much as this one, and produce just as good a picture. So far I have had to send back two of these cameras and get them exchanged as the video image started to fade and lost the crisp picture it once had. UPDATE 2: I’m throwing in the towel on these things. I have pretty much sent back, at one point or another, all four of the 9803 cameras I bought. The image quality seems to degrade over time. While Foscam has been good about replacing them, it’s a pain to constantly have to tear them down and ship back and forth. Also one of the replacement units I was sent had similar image quality issues. See attached images. UPDATE 3: OK dropped the rating on this camera to ONE star. Last two units I sent back, the replacement units exhibited the SAME hazy blur of the units I returned. It’s almost as though they just sent me back the same ones I sent in to be replaced. On top of that, one of the two replacement units failed completely after running for only 3 hours. I could not get it to power back up. I’ve had it with these things. I get FAR better image quality from 720P cameras that sell for $25-$35. Won’t be buying anymore of these units. Foscam told me all they can do is replace the units – no refunds beyond the Amazon 30 day return period. As stated there are other solutions out there for a lot less and are FAR more reliable. UPDATE 4: I replaced yet another one of these Foscam 9803 units today – the last remaining one I had in service. Since I am throwing them in the garbage I decided to take the last unit apart and see if I could isolate the problem. It seems the CCD sensor in these cameras are good for about 8-14 months then they develop a haze or cloudy image. At first I thought this was a humidity problem inside the camera housing but it is not. I was able to verify that this issue is essentially caused by poor quality CCD sensors used in the construction of the camera. I tried calling Foscam to see what they would do about it. Customer service seems to be about the same quality as the cameras. You get to sit on hold for about 4 mins and then their phone system tells you to call back when it is not so busy and they unceremoniously drop the call on you! I added one more photo below to show what happens 8 months into the life of these cameras. This is a camera Foscam replaced for me in Feb of 2016. In summary, there are LOTS of other options out there for sale on Amazon, that are superior in quality, and cost HALF what I paid for this Foscam 9803 unit. Would not recommend these units or the company since as a customer, I have to work too damn hard to reach a live body at Foscam. Check it out!

The Foscam FI9803P Wireless IP Camera is the expansion of the Foscam outdoor camera range, alongside the FI9805W with 1.0 Megapixels resolution. The Foscam FI9803P Outdoor Megapixel Wireless IP Camera adopts a 720p HD video quality (1280 x 720) as well as a high performance media processor, and high speed video protocol processor. As a result, it is capable of H.264 video compression allowing for extremely smooth video transmission with minimal bandwidth consumption. In addition, due to the small file sizes produced by H.264 video compression it has the ability to save tremendous hard drive space when doing manual video recording. In brief, the Foscam FI9803P comprises 720p HD video quality, H.264 video compression, wireless N suitability, the ability to remotely view over the Internet, motion detection and night vision images. In addition, you can use your smartphone (iPhone, Android)) or your default browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari) to view the images through an Internet connection. The camera can be used as part of your alarm system at home, office, … with the ability to monitor over the internet. Box Contains Foscam FI9803P IP Camera; Power Supply; Quick Installation Guide; WiFi Antenna; Mounting Bracket; Ethernet Cable; CD

FI9803P Plug and Play 1.0 Megapixel (1280x720p) H.264 Outdoor Wireless IP Camera Review

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Plug & Play” function features the ability to connect via smartphone by simply scanning the QR code on the camera. High quality HD video combined with enhanced firmware features for smoother video and auto IR-Cut filtering for better color accuracy.

Continuous surveillance accomplished with a powerful IR lamp for night vision up to 65ft, a 70 degree viewing angle, durable outdoor weatherproof casing.

Includes motion detection alerts via email, image uploads to FTP, and free Foscam DDNS service for dynamic IP addresses. Optional Foscam Cloud remote storage is also available (free trial included).

Supports remote viewing & recording from anywhere on desktop computers with standard web browsers and on smart devices such as iPhones and Android mobiles with included Foscam Viewer app. Other popular apps such as Live Cams Pro are also compatible.

Compatible with Windows PC and Apple Mac Web Browsers (IE, Firefox and Safari) as well as iOS and Android mobile devices

I bought this as a gift for a family member to install outside to keep an eye on the nighttime wild life outside their home. They often have deer and black bear and who knows what else. I unboxed it to test it first and it booted up fine. Unfortunately, the video quality was way off from what I expected. I have an outdoor Foscam FI9805E and it produces exceptionally clear video at 720P. A side-by-side comparison of the two cameras showed a significant difference in picture quality. I checked the settings on the FI9803P, changed the resolution away from and back to 720P and the video did not improve. Objects very close to the camera were much clearer and quality dropped off quickly the further away they were. As it was doubtful to me that a firmware update would correct the issue, I did not attempt it and elected to return the camera to Amazon for a refund. I’ve uploaded two images, one from the FI9805E and the other from this camera, the FI9803P, for you to review for yourself. I thought maybe the camera lens had some sort of protective plastic cover on it but looking at it closely, I could not see one. I assume mine was just defective, did not want deal with a replacement and potentially another bad one. I, instead, bought another FI9805 model.

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