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Fatal Flaw (Victor Carl Series) Mass Market Paperback – March 30, 2004 by William Lashner (Author)

Many levels working throughout the entire story. Starts out feeling like it will be a very surface rendition of Victor Carl but ends up with surprises to the very end. Believable, sad, yet as always with his stories, human redemption seems just within our grasp. Extremely well written. Can’t wait to read another of his stories. William Lashner is a master at bringing us through the most tragic stories, with all sorts of twists and turns without losing us to either boredom or dramatic overkill or even too tidy endings. Even when he makes the core evil obvious to the reader long before the main protagonist catches up, going through the search for truth with him is gripping. Great read. Check it out! Review Fatal Flaw is a rare delight: a legal thriller with freshness and vitality, qualities too often lacking in this sometimes-tired genre. This third entry in the Victor Carl series opens with a bang, as Victor finds fellow lawyer Guy Forrest on the front stoop of his lover’s house, stark naked in the pouring rain, a gun beside him, the lover’s bloody corpse on the bed inside. He sure looks guilty–but then, little is as it looks in this exceedingly well-plotted tale. The first 30 pages alone deliver several jolting revelations that change what we thought we knew, and the surprises keep coming right up to the last few pages. Fortunately, William Lashner is as fine a wordsmith as he is a plotter. The settings are crisply evoked, from Philadelphia and Las Vegas to the dirt-poor Appalachians. All the characters are vivid, and a few–including the murder victim–are well-nigh unforgettable. But it’s the narrative voice of Victor Carl that really carries the book. Cynical, funny, streetwise, and ethically flexible, he’s an exceptionally engaging guy. And, like some of the wisecracking private eyes he resembles, he can deliver both breezy sarcasm and real emotional power. My suggestion: Reach past those other legal thrillers and put Fatal Flaw at the top of your reading list. –Nicholas H. Allison –This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

Fatal Flaw (Victor Carl Series) Mass Market Paperback – March 30, 2004 by William Lashner (Author) Review

Victor Carl is the "perfect" protagonist precisely because he is so "imperfect. " This guy has more problems than a math textbook. All of that combines into a wonderfully flawed main character with whom you can immediately identify. The plot is multi-layered and, after a thrilling roller coaster of a read, brings you to a fascinating conclusion. Excellent writing; obviously, I thoroughly enjoyed this book. -Read Reviews-

I’m a big fan of Lashner’s stories, including the Victor Carl line, but this offering left me shaking my head. The story concept makes absolutely no sense at all. The story should have ended within three pages; after that the basis – that Carl would cover up his lover’s murder by his best friend so that he could make sure his best friend was punished by the law, even though it was Carl’s intervention that kept the law from instantly arresting his friend in the first place – is simply idiotic. With no rational basis for the action, I had to walk away from this one. Too bad, because I like the writing, but this time that wasn’t enough.

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