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Farscape Season 1, Vol. 4 - PK Tech Girl/That Old Black Magic

Well, it was bound to happen. The fourth DVD based on the FARSCAPE series came out, but it was the first one without any real special features at all. While the DVDs are nice to have simply because of the quality of the graphics and the extra footage not seen in North America, is that really enough? I don’t think so. This one starts out with “PK Tech Girl”, one of my favourite Season One episodes. When the crew of Moya find the wreckage of a legendary Peacekeeper ship, the Zelbininon, floating in space, they go aboard to see what they can find starchart-wise. But the Zelbinion is not deserted, as Crais left a tech team to go over the ship, and the only survivor, Gilina, hits it off with Crichton. Meanwhile, Rygel must come to grips with having been tortured on this infamous ship, and the fire-breathing scavengers, the Sheyangs, who arrive on the scene don’t make the situation any easier. This is a lovely story with some good stuff in it, marred only by the Sheyang at times, but the extra footage here doesn’t really make or break this episode. Still, it puts certain story elements into the forefront, provides some background on Rygel, and give Crichton a lust interest that he’s not really been given a chance to have yet. Plus, it acts as the catalyst for several storyline developments down the road (notably in “Durka Returns”). The second episode, “That Old Black Magic”, has the crew of Moya visiting a commerce planet searching for a remedy for Rygel’s case of flu. An evil sorcerer, Maldis, rules the planet through fear and intimdiation, and when he captures both Crichton and Crais and pits them against one another, Zhaan is forced to bring her dark side to the surface to save her shipmate. This episode is a terrific story with some great acting by Lani Tupu as Crais and Chris Heywood as Maldis, and brings the Crichton/Crais relationship back into focus. The extra footage here is worth the price, simply because it adds significantly to the background of Crais and a whole new dimension to some of the morality and ethics of the story. With no commentary versions or any other special features, other than the terrific D’Argo/Anthony Simcoe profile, this DVD is very light on extra features for the price. I don’t know what the reasoning for this was, other than that it was a Henson Company decision, but having the episodes on DVD is the real bonus here. I gave the episode four stars, rather than three, simply because the Anthony Simcoe interview was illuminating and because the extra footage in “That Old Black Magic” made the DVD worth the price alone. Check it out!

Product Description “PK Tech Girl”: Our crew encounters the drifting derelict of the most feared Peacekeeper battleship, Zelbinion. The discovery has a devastating effect on Rygel… it’s the first ship on which he was imprisoned. And Aeryn is finding herself jealous of the attraction she witnesses between Crichton and Gilina, the PK technician they have met aboard the Zelbinion. But as our crew comes under attack by the Sheyangs, a race of savage scavengers, all must put their emotions aside and focus on the battle they face… “That Old Black Magic”: A simple trip to a commerce planet turns into a life-or-death nightmare for Crichton when he is tricked by the dark sorcerer, Maldis. As his spirit literally gets torn from his body, Crichton is transported to a dark supernatural world and forced to battle his arch enemy, Crais, in a deadly game designed to entertain Maldis. It is up to Zhaan to save Crichton, but to do so, she must rekindle a dark side within herself that she thought was buried forever… Farscape established itself as a darker, more volatile alternative to the relative utopian ideals of the Star Trek universe, right down to its gloomy, claustrophobic look, but nowhere is that more apparent than its journeys into the hidden pasts of its fugitive heroes. The fourth volume of episodes features a peek into the pasts of Dominar Rygel and ninth level Priestess Zhaan as they hide from the fleets of Peacekeeper soldiers in the galactic frontier known as the Uncharted Territories. Rygel spent years imprisoned and tortured aboard the Zelbinion, the most feared Peacekeeper battleship of all time, and when they find it a drifting derelict in PK Tech Girl, his memories come back to haunt him. While he battles his demons of the past, the defenseless crew takes on a fleet of ruthless, froglike scavengers (“They spit fire? How come nobody tells me these things!”) while American rocket jockey John Crichton finds romance with the a pretty Peacekeeper technician abandoned aboard the wreck (resulting in emotional fireworks from the jealous Aeryn). That Old Black Magic pits the crew against an evil magician that has been draining the souls of his planet for years and craves the fresh minds of Moya’s crew. “I feed on death,” the psychic vampire cackles while pitting Crichton against his bloodthirsty nemesis, Peacekeeper Captain Crais, and only Zhaan can save him by unleashing the angry, evil former self she had spent years burying deep within her soul. –Sean Axmaker




Farscape Season 1, Vol. 4 – PK Tech Girl/That Old Black Magic Review


These episodes are really Great! the character developments have come along gracefully even more so then in the previous episodes. I really loved ”PK tech girl” this episode showed alot of range with the relationship between Aeryn and John their attraction is much more apparrent it’s really wonderful! and I learned more about Crais in ”The old black magic” it is intersting episode as well. Crais and John are in battle it is like a video game because of Maldis another alien who is pretty tough to beat. But I won’t spoil anything. This show is so wonderful! I can’t get enough! bring on the next dvd’s! -Read Reviews-

My soon-to-be-wife and I are big sci-fi fans and were hooked from the first episode we saw and eagerly await each new broadcast episode. I did not start regularly recording the show until late in the 2nd season so I would love to be able to buy a boxed set. Like the other reviewers here I feel a bit cheated to have to buy a 2 episode disc when my friends in the UK can buy 4 episode discs or just get an entire season in a boxed set. . …I probably won’t buy anymore of these DVD’s from ADV until there is a boxed set.

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