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Farscape Season 1, Vol. 2 - Exodus from Genesis / Throne for a Loss

One of the strengths of good sf on television is that it takes the characters and basic elements of its "universe" and adds to and develops them. FARSCAPE is no exception to this rule, and does it quite wonderfully in this pair of episodes. "Exodus From Genesis" is about a bug infestation on Moya, and the surprising truth of what is behind it. With a commentary track version of the episode by Brian Henson and Virginia Hey, the episode has some very good character interaction, and the extra footage on the disc presents some rather intriguing material for fans of Zhaan. Solid episode, good story, with some neat visual effects. "Throne for a Loss" is an episode that deals with an attempt on Moya’s crew to trade with beings called Tavleks that takes an unexpected turn when Rygel is kidnapped for ransom. Excellent sense of humour in this episode with some great lines from various cast members, and the extra footage here makes the episode worthwhile. However, when one adds the commentary track with Ben Browder and Claudia Black, one has an episode version that offers all kinds of insights into the episode and how it was made (among other subjects discussed by the two actors). Overall, a marvellous DVD and well worth adding to any collection of sf discs – but even better that it’s a FARSCAPE one! Check it out!

Product Description “Exodus from Genesis”: Fortunately, a strange interstellar phenomenon conceals Moya’s location from a Peacekeeper marauder. Unfortunately, the phenomenon is a swarm of Drak, insect-like creatures that mysteriously infest Moya. Soon, the space insects begin using the ship as a breeding “host,” sending the temperature within Moya skyrocketing–perilously high for Aeryn’s heat-sensitive Sebacean system. But the infestation within is nothing compared to danger lurking outside! “Throne for a Loss”: When a cargo negotiation with the bloodthirsty, money-hungry Tavleks turns into a kidnapping, Moya’s crew must race against time and tempers to save the abducted Rygel. But a captured Tavlek is no even trade for a wealthy dominar. Crichton, Aeryn, and D’Argo have no choice but to use a dangerously addictive, adrenalin-pumping gauntlet stolen from the Tavleks to save their pompous companion and retrieve the crystal Rygel has stolen that is causing Moya’s orbit to decay. The second volume of episodes from the cult cable science fiction series Farscape finds the motley crew of fugitives still learning to live together, with often fractious results. A swarm of interstellar insects infiltrate Moya in “Exodus from Genesis” and crank up the heat to levels that will prove fatal to Aeryn’s heat-sensitive Sebacean system. The heat wave isn’t the only thing pushing already flaring tempers, however; the bugs create perfect replicas of the crew to carry out their commands, which lead to some rather interesting clashes. The episode echoes elements of Star Trek’s “The Devil in the Dark” and the Next Generation episode “Evolution” (among others), then twists them to fit into the chaotic Farscape universe. In “Throne for a Loss,” the most action-packed and stylishly directed episode to date, a race of mercenary criminals called the Tavleks kidnap the imperious Rygel. Despite the temptation to leave the blustering coward behind, the crew hatches a (typically) half-cooked plan to storm the planet-side prison with the help of a dangerously addictive Tavlek power gauntlet. The adrenaline-pumping, laser-blasting weapon increases the aggressive natures of D’Argo and Aeryn to tyrannical levels but also leads to a quiet connection between the warriors as they recover from the drug’s effects and compare notes on their human shipmate: “Just imagine, there’s a whole race of Crichtons running around. Think how useless they must be.” Each episode includes footage unseen in the U.S. broadcasts, and the DVD features a profile of Claudia Black’s character Aeryn Sun as well as commentary on each episode. Director Brian Henson and costar Virginia Hey (Zhaan) discuss the process of defining and developing their characters in the early episodes on “Exodus from Genesis” and stars Ben Browder and Claudia Black exchange playful repartee for the energetic commentary on “Throne for a Loss.” –Sean Axmaker




Farscape Season 1, Vol. 2 – Exodus from Genesis / Throne for a Loss Review


These two episodes, "Exodus from Genesis" and "Throne for a Loss" are both quite good. Both feature the great writing and fine acting that fans have come to expect from FARSCAPE. The real standout of these episodes, however, is the outstanding work by Henson Studios. FARSCAPE is the rare breed of science fiction series that dares to feature inhuman aliens. FARSCAPE regularly features strange creatures thanks to the amazing work of Henson’s Creature Shop. These episodes feature some of their best work, the creepy crawly Drak that infest Moya in "Exodus from Genesis" and the giant mantis-like prisoner in "Throne for a Loss". It is a sign of the quality of their work that they strive to make the "guest" aliens as interesting as the series regular puppets/animatronics Pilot and Rygel. FARSCAPE is an excellent series that is quickly setting the standard for all other science fiction series that follow. -Read Reviews-

“Farscape” has developed into one of the best shows on television. Enjoyment of these early episodes is enhanced by the addition of deleted material and lively commentary. “Escape from Exodus” is an enjoyable story, but far from “Farscape” at its best. The tale of an infestation by space parasites is enlivened by entertaining character interaction, always one of this show’s strengths. “Throne for a Loss,” on the other hand, is terrific. Rygel, as despicably hilarious as ever, is kidnapped by the Tavleks, a race of warriors who rely on an addictive drug, administered through “power gauntlets,” to heighten their power and aggression. To save Rygel, Aeryn, Crichton, and D’Argo all take their turns with the weapon, and the way in which it affects each of them provides interesting and amusing insights into their characters. The way in which Crichton resolves the conflict is perfect.

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