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Fancy Nancy (Fancy Nancy Series, Book 1) Audio CD – Audiobook, MP3 Audio by Jane O'Connor (Author)

Sometimes a child wants to read a story repeatedly but, let’s face it, it can become a chore for the parent. Not with Fancy Nancy. This is a funny and entertaining story that will appeal to adults as well as children. Beautifully illustrated and, unlike many books, looks fantastic when viewed through my Kindle Reader. The story is there, too, as Nancy just loves living a fancy life and wants to bring others along for the ride. I know that some people get hung up on things like “why do we need to encourage material possessions or encourage our girls to dress up, etc. ” but, c’mon, it’s just a fun book that your child will want to read many times for many years. My farm girl daughter isn’t fancy at all but she loves it just the same. Well done! Check it out!

From School Library Journal PreSchool-K–Young Nancy, like her literary predecessors Eloise and Olivia, is a glamour queen dropped into a boring world–Nobody in my family is fancy at all. They never even ask for sprinkles. She determines to rescue her relatives from their humdrum existence by giving them lessons and accessorizing their mundane wardrobes. A situation that is charming when observed by adults in real life doesnt translate into a successful picture book. Children pretending to be fabulous creatures is appealing when it is innocent and unforced. This book, despite Glassers wonderfully energetic artwork, is ultimately a story told by adults for adults.–Kathleen Whalin, York Public Library, ME Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved. –This text refers to the Hardcover edition.

Fancy Nancy (Fancy Nancy Series, Book 1) Audio CD – Audiobook, MP3 Audio by Jane O’Connor (Author) Review

My granddaughter is a girly-girl. She has a fit if her bow falls out of her hair and her play clothes are a bit fancy. She’s also extremely smart and these books are perfect for her. Nancy also like to be "fancy" but she’s great at helping kids read. She uses big words or phrases, which my granddaughter likes to sound out and see if she can say them and understand them. Then to be helpful, the next sentence explains the bigger word. It’s not written in a way to take away from the story. Her only problem was deciding which book to read first. Fun and educational – always a winner. -Read Reviews-

So I have not read it with the intended recipient child yet, my beautiful red head extravagant five year old niece. .. but I saw the cover and a red head myself knew I had to buy this book if not for her, for myself. lol. When it arrived it was in fantastic condition and quality, glitter on the cover of the book, and as a full grown adult woman who is a total tomboy— found the inner girl in me smiling. Not only does fancy Nancy have the same interest like soccer and dressing up as my niece, but she has a great message in the end – love. .. and love this book! Thanks Ms. O’Connor for writing the perfect book for the ultimate girly girl.

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