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With most of the songs, Paul has unexpectedly gone off on what seems to me like a mild computerized temper-tantrum. I bought what I did not expect. According to some of the reviews, others weren’t expecting it either. Paul should have stayed with the musithat he is famous for instead of deciding to change his ‘tune’ and the type of music certainly doesn’t match the pose of prayer he dipicts on his cover. Check it out!

Product Description Faithful is a new sound for Paul Cardall that infuses his composition skills with a polished keyboard style and merges new age piano with down tempo rhythms. According to Cardall, “An artist always has doubts about his or her creative abilities. This was the case for me when I began recording music for FAITHFUL. I wanted to do something new and fresh but was afraid some fans who love the ‘quiet solo piano guy’ would be turned off by my desire to be experimental and search for a new sound. As an artist, I believe you have to stretch yourself if you’re going to grow. You have to be faithful to yourself if you are to be faithful to others.” Faithful features all new music including an arrangement of Antonin Dvorak’s New World Symphony No. 9 and Scarborough Fair, the traditional folk tune made popular by Simon & Garfunkel. Cardall adds a latin groove with the song, “Danza Del Amor”, features a soprano on “Eye To Eye” and scores over 100 tracks of midi sounds on co-writer Joshua Waldron’s “The Noise.” The album also features a solo guitar anthem on “Faithful”, and highlights cellist Steven Nelson on “Sweet Escape” and “Embraced.” Two songs on the cd, “Sacred Nature” and “Sacred Nature II,” were created during Cardall’s December 2002 concert at Soularium Studios in Midvale, Utah. During that concert, Cardall chose a young girl from the audience to pick three notes anywhere on the piano. The improvisational tune created that evening resulted into two songs on the new cd. About the Artist Contemporary pianist Paul Cardall is a man of heart, although physiologically his heart is anything but normal. Born with a congenital heart defect, Cardall wasn’t expected to live more than a few days. Yet 29 years later Cardall’s heart continues to beat … and so does the music he creates. Cardall began piano lessons at the age of eight but quit after six months because his instructor was frustrated. He didn’t touch a keyboard for another decade. During high school Cardall lost a close friend. In search of solace he sat at the family piano and immediately composed a song. Cardall discovered he could transcribe the feelings of his heart through music. In 1995 he recorded his first album, entitled SIGN OF AFFECTION. A copy of this home-pressed album made its way to #1 New York Times best-selling author Richard Paul Evans, writer of “The Christmas Box”. He invited Cardall to create a musical adaptation of the book. The resulting album sold more than 50,000 copies its first year. Since then Cardall’s career has soared. He partnered with Narada, a division of Virgin records, to re-release THE CHRISTMAS BOX. He also debuted a new album entitled THE LOOKING GLASS. In December 1999 both records were listed on Billboard’s Top 25 New Age Charts. The Chicago Sun Times calls Cardall, “Wonderfully moving and inspiring!” Cardall is the founder of Stone Angel Music, an independent record label. Stone Angel Music has produced and released several albums including HYMNS and HYMNS II, as well as SIGN OF AFFECTION, a re-release of his first album. During the year 2002, Cardall recorded two albums, DAILY DEVOTIONS, and MIRACLES, A Journey of Hope and Healing. MIRACLES has spent more time on New Age Voice’s Top 100 radio charts than any other pianist in 2002. The song Driving North debuted at #3 on’s Smooth Jazz Top 200 MP3 charts. The album ends with a powerful vocal song inspired by the events of the Oklahoma City bombing. Cardall’s latest recording, Faithful (2003), merges new age piano and down tempo. Cardall also appears on two compilation albums; 20 YEARS OF NARADA PIANO (Narada) and PIANO PORTRAITS (Excel Entertainment Group.

Faithful Review

A listenable album through somewhat varied in style and choice of pieces. The album label and art is not reflected in all of these, but each piece is unique and enjoyable in its own right. -Read Reviews-

The music did download properly, sounds like screeching metal.

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