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Eye Droppers - 12 ct

If you are purchasing these a throw away item, they are still probably not a decent buy and I was hoping to reuse them time and time again. These are made from cheap plastic and look like they were cracking on arrival, though they were not actually cracked. Overall, I would say these are pretty poor quality, made of thinner, flimsy plastic with a seal on the rubber toppers (where the rubber meets the plastic) was barely adequate to cause suction such that I could draw up liquid. I would not recommend these. Check it out!

Help build STEM skills with these durable plastic straight-nozzle droppers with bulbs. Comes in a set of 12. Each one measures 1.55cc (1ml) of liquid.

Eye Droppers – 12 ct Review

OK so you get 12 of these things for like no money. How cruddy would you expect them to be? They are actually quite nice. Not glass droppers obviously but they feel quite durable and have helped my get more accurate more easily when collecting water to run tests on for my aquarium (all the tests require 5ml of water and it can be so hard to get EXACTLY 5ml of water just dunking the test tube into the tank). Since it’s only me and they came in a 12-pack I basically don’t expect to buy eye droppers for the rest of my life. Speaking as someone with a degree in finance, this seems like a good investment in today’s economy! -Read Reviews-

Plastic straight nozzle droppers with bulbs

Great for use with STEM toys and in science experiments at home or in the classroom

Measures 1.5cc (1ml) of liquid

Set of 12

Ideal for ages 9+

Perfect for my preschoolers art projects and great for fine motor. We used these with liquids water color for at projects.

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