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Explorers [VHS]

Loved this movie when I was kid growing up in the 80’s. Growing up in Florida, I loved everything about space launches and satellite exploration. This movie takes me back to that time where we’d get on top of our roof with binoculars to watch the space shuttle go up. It was even better at night. Check it out!

Product description Explorers [VHS] It’s only in retrospect that one can see that Joe Dante’s Explorers is an awful lot like Robert Zemeckis’s Contact. An alien race, determined to make contact with earthlings, feeds some unsuspecting individuals the blueprints for space travel. Instead of the big gyroscope that Jodie Foster was strapped into in Contact, the three kids in Explorers make their intergalactic trip in crystalline blue Flubber. River Phoenix looks shockingly prepubescent (which he was) as Wolfgang, the brains of the trio, while Ethan Hawke looks like a young lady-killer as Ben. Fitting into the “whatever happened to?” category is Jason Presson as Darren, an outcast who joins the two eggheads. Joe Dante’s career, cruising after Gremlins was a smash, faced a serious “hitch in the giddyup” when this film sputtered through the 1985 summer season without much of an impact. The effects still hold up nicely, as does Dante’s incessant need to pay homage to other, older sci-fi films. The whole thing seems like a lot of trouble for some smackingly bland and silly results, but it’s a harmless, initially involving diversion. –Keith Simanton




Explorers [VHS] Review


The Amazon reviewer must have been on something when he reviewed “Explorers”. It is nothing like “Contact”, which is entirely humorless. I saw “Explorers” with my kids and all of us loved it; it’s one of those films that both parents and kids can like (I had to watch SO MANY idiotic flicks with them, to watch this was heaven!). It is quite an intelligent film, and it makes some good, solid satirical points at the same time never losing its sense of fun. It is an absolutely delightful flick. If you have young ones, see it with them. I couldn’t remember the title of this flick or who was in it, so I went to “e-opinions” looking at lists of best 10 kids films that others had sent in. The same old stuff. None mentioned this film. I haven’t seen this film in years, but still remember scenes from it. They just stay with you. It is one of those neglected films that are deserving of more of an audience. Toss Disney overboard! See “Explorers”!!!! -Read Reviews-

My 6 year old, space obsessed, grandson loved it. His 8 year old sister thought she wouldn’t like it but soon changed her mind. The pace of the movie is good, it keeps moving but not so fast that you can’t explain what just happened. Few modern kids know what a drive-in movie theater is for example and there is a scene where the "explorers" use their "space pod" to watch one. The tech is a little dated but the storyline is fun and acceptable for children.

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