Buy “Explore Foldable Volume Limiting Kids Headphones – Durable, Comfortable & Customizable – Built in Headphone Splitter and In Line Mic – For iPad, Kindle, Computers and Tablets – Red Home Audio & Theater” Online

Explore Foldable Volume Limiting Kids Headphones - Durable, Comfortable & Customizable - Built in Headphone Splitter and In Line Mic - For iPad, Kindle, Computers and Tablets - Red

The actual headphones seem to work great, and my son really likes them. Wirecutter has a very in depth and scientific review of kids headphones and after reading that, I ordered this brand over many other popular brands. My main issue with this product is the complete lack of warranty information. In the pictures on this product page, there is a picture of a kid that says "Kif tuff, Fun stuff" and there is has an icon that states very clearly "LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY". But there is no other warranty information provided under the Warranty & Support block. If you go to the onanoff website, they have a generic 1-year warranty blurb presumably meant to cover all of their (headphone and non-headphone) products, but nowhere, not once, does it mention the words "limited lifetime" warranty. Additionally, a few reviewers have noted that after their headphones broke, customer support simply stated a 30-day warranty, so the purchasers basically had thrown their money away after the headphones broke after a few uses. But in some of the answers to questions, the sellers BrandHut says there is a lifetime warranty. The actual item itself has not a single mention of a warranty in the packaging. So, who knows what will actually happen if/when these break in 2 months. Check it out!

BuddyPhones Explore Foldable: Award Winning Fun and Safe Headphones Designed For Kids!Award Winning Design Our BuddyPhones have been granted the coveted Bronze A’Design Award in the Baby, Kids' and Children's Products category — given to the top 10% that exhibit excellence in design. The A' Design Award and Competition is the world's largest design competition, awarding only the very best designs, concepts, products and services.  Quality Fun From Onanoff Onanoff exists to make products that combine the best features of Scandinavian design, simplicity and quality, with the latest creative technology. The result is lifestyle tech accessories that enable your gadgets to do even more.  Volume Limited to 85 Decibels Never worry about the music or movie being too loud for the little ones. Most volume limited headphones vary by 5 decibels from 80-90 decibels. Onanoff headphones vary by a safer 3 decibels to protect ears from taking damage.  Fold and Go: Compact and Perfect For Adventures Big and Small!Foldable for Easy Storage and Travel Explorer Foldable headphones are foldable and include a travel bag so that they can go with you wherever life takes you. Pillow Soft Ear Pads and Headband Gentle and luxurious for hours of comfort that bring joy to ears, inside and out. Perfect for toddlers and children age 2 to 8. Passive Noise Reduction  Our Comfy hypoallergenic ear pads help block outside noise so that you can enjoy your world, comfortably. Foster Engagement and Interaction with our BuddyCable Built in Audio Splitter Share The Fun Integrated BuddyCable splitter eliminates the need to carry around a bulky audio splitter. Allows up to 4 BuddyPhones to share the same device – Ideal while traveling, watching movies and playing games! Tangle-Free 3 Foot Cord Includes a 3.5mm gold-plated plug to ensure your little adventures stay golden year after year.  Peak Performance, Playground Approved! State of the art decibel accuracy,frequency response, polarity, channel assignment, and THD.Built Tough For Your Little Adventurers! One Less Thing Parents Have to ReplaceDurable and Foldable!  Easy folding for perfect travel and storage! Kid Tough Flexible plastic construction for scratch resistance and amazing bendability! Twist to your heart's delight and watch as they bend right back into shape!  The New Tug of War Cable A flat, tangle resistant and non-toxic cable. Lab-tested for the tuffles, tug of wars and lassos that life throws your way. Customizable! All buddyphones include 6 sets of stickers for your child to easily customize their headphones. The Good Kind Made of highly durable vinyl, these stickers are built to last, easy to replace and don't leave any nasty residue. Colors That Pop Bright, fun and made to help your child enjoy life with some flair!Travel Bag A durable drawstring bag for easy travel and storage. Rip resistant and washer friendly.  Detachable Cord Flat, ultra durable and safer by easily detaching from the headphones.  In-Line Mic Perfect for pausing movies and video chatting with the relatives!

Explore Foldable Volume Limiting Kids Headphones – Durable, Comfortable & Customizable – Built in Headphone Splitter and In Line Mic – For iPad, Kindle, Computers and Tablets – Red Review

The headphones are beyond what we wished for. They aren’t just "kids headphones" They fit my 11 yo, my 9 yo and myself. When I explained to the kids why it was important to limited the decibels, they were happy to have the headphones. They love the buddy splitter (one less thing to lose) they love how small it folds and fits into their school computer bags, and are happy to wear them even if they are "different" then the other kids. Plus they are comfy. My 9 yo has this one, My 11yo has the one with the adjustable decibels which I don’t think are necessary, Added plus = The mic. for talking on the phone or doing dictation. . Kids Headphones by onanoff – Explore Foldable – Volume Limiting Lock – Built in Headphone Splitter – In Line Mic -Super Durable – For iPad, Computer, Tablet, Smartphone -Read Reviews-

BEST KIDS HEADPHONES FOR SAFE AUDIO: BuddyPhones were Designed for Safety, Comfort, and Fun. Each Buddyphone Comes with 6 Sets of Decorative Stickers for Customization. Appropriate for Children and Toddlers.

ALWAYS-ON VOLUME LIMITER: Volume is Limited to a Kid Safe Level of 85 dB. This Volume Level is Recommended by the World Health Organization as the Max Volume for Children.

AWARD-WINNING DESIGN FOR KIDS: Buddyphones are Tailor Made for Kids, Featuring a Super Durable and Bendable Housing that is Adjustable for a Perfect Fit. All Buddyphones are made with Soft and Comfortable Hypoallergenic Padding. The Cable is Flat to Prevent Tangles. Foldable for Easy Storage and Travel. Buddyphones won the 2016 Bronze ADesign Award in Baby, Kids’ and Children’s Products.

EASY SHARING: The Cable includes a Patented, Built-In Audio Splitter for Sharing with Friends without getting Tangled. Up to 4 BuddyPhones can be Shared in the Same Device.

ADDITIONAL FEATURES AND COMPATIBILITY: 3.5mm Gold Plated Audio Jack Works with iPads, Amazon Kindle, Tablets, iPhones, Samsung, Smartphones. Perfect for Travel, Airplanes, Laptops, Computers, and Other Audio Devices. In Line Microphone with Answering Button. Travel Bag Included.

After reading a lot of reviews, I settled on these after reading the WireCutter’s take. We got a set for our daughter for air travel and she loves them! The folding feature is nice to have along with the carry case they included. She loved picking out her stickers (rainbows of course) to put on. They fit surprisingly very well and stay on good too. The sound quality is good for a kid and the decibel limiting is an absolute must. Now she watch Moana on her iPad and I won’t have that "thank you" song by the Rock stuck in my head the rest of the day. Any parent can relate to this!I had recalled seeing something noted of the built in splitter, but once I saw how they did it, ingenious! We have a second little one at home and when he is ready for his set, this will be perfect. The price point on these is a deal in my opinion.

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