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Evermore Audiobook – Unabridged Alyson Noel (Author),

Let me first say that as an aspiring writer, it was really, really hard for me to rate this book only two stars. But two stars says that it was “OK” and this book was. Okay. Not great, not life changing, But it was okay. I read this book on the suggestion of an article I read about what comes next after Twilight for fans of the genre – the genre I happen to love and hope to publish in one day. So, I considered this not only a pleasure read, but also research. I’ll give a full debrief of my review experience and revelations on my blog (cmalbert. blogspot. com). Here, I’ll just say that the book did follow a certain script that feels a little done before; but I wouldn’t go as far as some reviewers have with their blatant meanness and disrespect. The bottom line is that some parts of this novel are very original, and some have been done before. But let’s be honest, there are very, very few truly original story lines. It’s what an author does to make it original and memorable that make one story stand out as exceptional for a reader. This author did do a good job with character building – they were memorable and I could “see” them in my mind as I was reading. But I had a hard time with the main female character’s relationship with the main male character, Damen. Not to mention that the main character’s name is Ever Bloom. (No, really. ) I just could not see the reason WHY Ever fell so hard for Damen, would put up with so much mystery and vagueness (low self-esteem?!), and the on-again, off-again drama was just too juvenile for me. That said, I’m an adult reading YA literature, so I’m not TRULY the target audience, though I think we all know a lot of adults thse days are drawn to this genre of YA lit. That said, I read enough reviews to know that this may have been the best one in the series, and I just wasn’t engaged enough to read the following 5 novels in this six novel series. So, it was all right, but I guess just not my cup of tea when it comes to urban fantasy/paranormal romance. I like mine a little meatier, a little grittier, and a little less 90210. Check it out!

Evermore Audiobook – Unabridged Alyson Noel (Author), Review

Having read the Twilight series in its entirety, I can understand why Meyers’ fans may feel a bit jipped. That being said, I still enjoyed Evermore for the most part. Certainly there are parallels which cannot be ignored; psychic immortal/vampire meets troubled girl; immortal/vampire saves said girl at last possible second; unrequited, twisted kind of love. But, barring the obvious overlaps, the story is still decent. Not great, but decent. One major complaint: I loathe when authors wait until the final pages before explaining the plot and then dump it all on the reader in long, tedious dialogue that seems unrealistic based on all of the secrecy up to that point. I much prefer when they sprinkle in the back-story as the story moves along. And Ms. Noel does just that, waiting until the last quarter of the book to relay the plot in a series of long-winded, contrived narratives that simply don’t make a whole lot of sense. Other than that, it was an alright read. Not the best in paranormal romance, but certainly not the worst. For something better try: Nevermore by Kelly Creagh; Ghost & the Goth by Stacey Kade; Bad Girls Don’t Die by Katie Alender. All of which are, hands down, better written and more cohesive, with more fleshed out characters and better designed plots. I intend to go on to book two as I’m interested to see where this goes but I’m not sure this series will have legs. We’ll see. -Read Reviews-

I’ll start by saying this story had me interested most of the time. There was a bit in the middle where I was a bit bored, but it didn’t last long. As interesting as it was, the main character annoyed me a bit. *spoiler* She was a teenager and dealing with the death of her family, so I’ll cut her a little slack. I didn’t think that someone so young and immature should be making any decisions about wether to be immortal though. Also, I didn’t feel the connection between her and Damon. Half of the book she was angry with him, which is linked to her immaturity. A few times she even thinks “I know I’m being petty but. .” And then precedes to be petty. All of this aside, it was an interesting read.

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