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Evenflo AMP Select Car Booster Seat, Butterfly

I ordered the Evenflo AMP LX No Back Car Seat in Blue Splat for my 58 pound son because we needed a booster seat on vacation and didn’t want to drag our Evenflo boosters with a back through the airport. These are on the IIHS’s Best Bet list, which means they are the highest rated boosters. (I always check that list before buying child seats. ) These seats are comfy enough for my child and are light enough to be easily transported through airports where we will gate check the booster seat. Check it out!

Designed for older kids ready to use the vehicle’s belt. The Evenflo amp select booster is cool and comfortable. The cool colors will allow your child to express their individuality while parents know they are safe. The contoured padding is a comfortable option for long journeys.

Evenflo AMP Select Car Booster Seat, Butterfly Review

My daughter loves her new seat I just wish it was an inch or two small width so we could fit a 3rd seat. We’ve used only Evenflo brand car seats for all of our kids and had great luck! I also love the drink the cup holders being an elastic hold because he helps with those falling/teetering cups in the car as well as fits more sizes of cups. **UPDATE: I first reviewed this after buying 2 (one butterfly & one Avery). We have since purchased 2 more (one of each design previously purchased) and are now looking to buy 1 or 2 more now that we have secured a van this past weekend. I read another older view complaining that these are large and I know that I stated I wish they were an inch or two smaller but that was because I had baby number 3 on the way and could not fit the infant carseat and two booster seats in the back of my scion xb (which is a small SUV). We now have a 8 passenger Toyota Sienna and can fit all 3 seats in one row if we wish to but I still prefer having a seat between the kids when possible because they are always fighting, hitting, yelling and biting when they sit next to each other for too long. (You’d think I had two young toddlers by that statement but now my oldest are 6 and 4). I also did my research before buying the first set and these are some of the slimmest backless booster seats out there. -Read Reviews-

My daughter loves the fun butterfly print, and finds this seat to be relatively comfortable. Not great for long distances, though, as it doesn’t have much padding. It’s also a very wide seat and takes up more room than my toddlers’ high back boosters, so I have to play a car seat version of musical chairs every week, depending on who is going where. Also, the cup holders don’t work as such- the elastic on the sides meant to hold things in isn’t strong enough to actually KEEP things in. And again- there’s the lack of space issue, too. If you have only 2 children in car seats, this won’t apply to you. ..but if you’ve got 3 (or more, like I do)- this may not be your best option.

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