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Epson Perfection 1240U Color Flatbed Scanner

I purchased this scanner after having a positive experience with its predecessor (1200U, at a local lab). The set-up was amazingly simple (as it should be on a Mac) and the first scan was done 10 minutes after the UPS man left. The scanner delivers exceedingly good results in reflected mode (scanning from a print. ) The colors are good and the focus is sharp. There is a noticeable level of noise in the blue channel. This is a problem that plagues all entry level scanners and is far more controlled in this model than in many others. In transmissive mode (scanning from film), the scanner fares slightly worse. When scanning slides, the sensor has some trouble seeing into the shadows. Though this is to be expected with a Dmax of only 3. 2 (which does seems accurate). Again, this is typical of an entry level scanner and better controlled here than in other models. It delivers crisp, saturated images with accurate colors. When scanning traditional black and white films (Tri-X, Tmax, Delta, Neopan, ect) there is a slight amount of chromatic abberation. This means that the transition from a highlight to a shadow isn’t crisp but is a very small rainbow. This problem can be avoided by using chromagenic (dye-based films). By this I mean use color-process film such as Ilford XP2Super or Kodak Black and While Plus. When scanning consumer grade color films (Kodak MAX and family, Fuji Superia and family, Agfa HDC and family), the scanner does an excellent job. Using the auto color correct button yields acceptable color more than 90% of the time. However, the scanner doesn’t quite know what to do with professional grade films such as NPS, NPH and 160VC/NC. These films require scanning a piece of the film base to use as a mask in Photoshop. The software is easy to use and makes intelligent decisions the majority of the time. The so-called "curves" tool provided int he TWAIN driver is truly pathetic. You’re far better off getting the scan close in the driver and then fixing it in Photoshop. A note about the published resoloution, the real resoloution of this scanner is 1200 ppi(pixels per inch). The 2400ppi Epson quotes comes from micro-stepping the sensor and really doesn’t gain you anything other than a more cumbersome file. The 1200ppi resoloution isn’t really enough to make prints from 35mm film. It takes at least 2-1/4 (6×6) to make a print (I’m talking 8×10 prints). This being said, it makes wonderful copies of 35mm prints if you have them. From medium format film or larger, this scanner will deliver the data needed to make stunning prints. I am well satisfied with the results I achieve from 6×6 and 4×5 negatives. Overall, this is a wonderful scanner that I feel is well worth the money. It’s limitations are minor and its benefits numerous. It provides a scan quality that almost rivals the. .. Nikon in the lab down the street. Anyone interested in digital photography on a budget should own this scanner. Check it out!

Product description 24V AC / DC adapter for Epson Perfection 1240u Scanner Specification Input :100-240VAC (50-60Hz) Output: 24Vdc 2Amp The Epson Perfection 1240U is a flatbed color image scanner that’s easy to use, is fully automatic, and operates with one touch of a button. Precise and clear images are produced as a result of its 1,200 x 2,400 dpi hardware resolution and Micro Step Drive technology. True 42-bit color depth brings colors to life. The plug-and-play USB connection makes setting up a breeze.Complete with a premium software bundle, the 1240U scanner includes Adobe Photo Deluxe, NewSoft Presto!, ArcSoft Photo Printer, and much more. Scanning speed is a zippy 7.0 milliseconds per line for color and 6.5 milliseconds per line for gray levels. This scanner is compatible with both Mac and PC computers, and although this unit does not come with a transparency unit, it can accept one as an optional add-on. The Epson Perfection 1240U measures 10.6 by 17.14 by 3.66 inches and weighs 6.17 pounds. It comes with a limited one-year warranty. –Linda Anderson




Epson Perfection 1240U Color Flatbed Scanner Review


I just bought this scanner after reading many helpful reviews here on Amazon. Thanks to these people, I knew what to expect and how to overcome some of the minor shortcomings of this product. This is my first scanner and I’ve had one weekend of satisfying experience with it. It’s true that the software that comes with this scanner could be better. You should visit the Epson web site and download the update for the latest TWAIN driver and EPSON SMART PANEL software. If you don’t get the SMART PANEL update, the copy function apparently only works with Epson printers. After downloading and installing this update, the scanner worked fine with my Canon BJC-600e printer. The TWAIN driver is a very good piece of work. The SMART PANEL and other bonus software is OK, not great. The OCR software is mediocre. If you need this function much, plan on investing in other software. The Presto OCR seemed to work better than TextBridge, but I haven’t used either much. I was disappointed that there seems to be no way of manually adding an application (like WordPerfect) to the OCR if it doesn’t detect your application automatically. (The ‘scan to application’ function has this capability. ) Still, I’m very satisfied with my purchase. I don’t expect to use OCR much. I had a hard time deciding between this scanner and a Canon (which seems to have better software), but I decided to go with the apparently better hardware quality of this scanner. (Software can be updated. Hardware can only be returned if defective. ) I had no trouble setting it up (aside from the inconvenience of having to download software updates). The instructions are clear. (Take the time to read them through first. ) The quality of the scans are very good. -Read Reviews-

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I have used a $4000 Agfa and I don’t see much difference. You might see a difference in scanning negatives, but prints and other normal sized material come out great on the Epson. Plus, the epson is at least 4-5 times faster than any scanner I’ve used! A 300 dpi 42bit color photo scan on the epson only takes about 10-15 seconds max, and that’s start to final display. I don’t know about all the different software interfaces and programs, but the minimum TWAIN 5 driver installed on my Mac os9 dual G4 450 running Photoshop 6. 0 runs flawlessly. So if you’re a Mac user looking for no-hassle, high-quality, fast scans, at a low price–get the 1240u!I’ll have to try it on my win2000 machine and get another opinion posted.

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